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FrontFanz – the Polygon Subscription Platform Announces a New Event

September 15th, 2022 at 6:52 pm UTC · 3 min read

FrontFanz – the Polygon Subscription Platform Announces a New Event
Photo: FrontFanz

Winning something, no matter what, is always nice, isn’t it? It can be the smallest thing, and it would still make us excited and happy. Well, what if you had a chance to participate in a special competition and end up winning a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime prize?

Because that’s exactly what you’ll get if you join the Glamour Party Event on FrontFanz! You’ll find everything you need to know in this article, so keep on reading.

Competition – All You Need to Know

FrontFanz is a revolutionary Web3 platform that puts both content creators and fans first. Communication between them and with them is something this platform wants to nurture and grow. To further this goal, FrontFanz announces a competition which will not only bring together its fanbase but also shower them with an amazing prize.

The competition will run for a period of time, from the 14th of September and end on the 5th of October. All winners will be announced early October. The winners of this competition will get an exclusive opportunity to participate in a Glamour Party in London UK,  where they will get to dress up, meet some of the FrontFanz creators and enjoy free drinks and snacks. Don’t waste your time and let’s glam up together!

How to Participate

The process of entering is rather simple, you only have to follow these few steps:

Step 1: Go to the official FrontFanz event platform.

Step 2: Buy a raffle ticket OR a direct event ticket.

The Event Ticket – there will be 80 tickets available to buy and it will allow participants to gain access to the FrontFanz Glamour Party. In order to be eligible to buy the Event Ticket directly, the participant must have 100000 $FANZ tokens locked up. The locked up tokens will be able to be claimed back after the event has finished.

The Raffle Ticket- there is an unlimited amount of Raffle Tickets available and it will allow participants to be entered into a prize draw for Event Tickets, where 60 winners will be announced. In order to be able to buy the Raffle Entry for Event Ticket, the participant must have 1000 $FANZ tokens locked up. The locked up tokens will be able to be claimed back after the event has finished.

Why Should You Be Interested in FrontFanz?

As it was briefly mentioned before, FrontFanz is a Web3 content subscription platform that allows people to create, share and profit from their work. Coming out of stealth mode, FrontFanz has quickly established itself as a fair, transparent, and fan-focused Web3 platform without any kind of censorship, chargebacks or de-platforming. In other words, bringing a new meaning to the words “the sky’s the limit.”

Some of the most noteworthy features of this platform include live streaming, subscription-based content, digital collectables, private messaging as well as NFTs. FrontFanz aims to create a safe environment for all creators to come together and share their work without scrutiny and with complete inclusiveness. And that’s not all – this platform realizes just how important a fanbase is in supporting creators, which is why the very concept of FrontFanz evolved around both the content creator and their fans.

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