Fungibility Podcast, the First Podcast about NFTs Delivered as an NFT, Gains 235,000+ Listeners in 10 Weeks

January 28th, 2022 at 12:16 pm UTC · 3 min read

Fungibility Podcast, the First Podcast about NFTs Delivered as an NFT, Gains 235,000+ Listeners in 10 Weeks

Fungibility, a podcast about NFTs and their creators and the entrepreneurs behind them, will soon complete its first quarter of episodes, with an astonishing 235,000 subscribers.

Fungibility launched its first episode in November of 2021 and quickly gained many listeners. The podcast is a creation of Reuven Cohen, host, NFT entrepreneur, and designer. Each episode is minted as an NFT and available to listeners through the Award Pool platform.

Since its first episode aired, Fungibility has gained a whopping 235,000 followers and listeners. Over 27,000 NFTs of the podcast episodes have been minted. Followers have also listened to episodes directly on the Fungibility website.

Fungibility has hosted NFT innovators such as Superdoge, Domino (releasing Presessence album), Edgevana, Cloverly, and other original thinkers in the tech and blockchain worlds.

In the podcast, host Ruv chats with his guests about their experiences in the NFT, crypto, and blockchain worlds. They touch on new projects, industry firsts, and where they see the industry heading. Ruv is a charismatic host, able to navigate interesting conversations with players from very different but intersecting parts of the tech universe. Reuven says:

“The rise of Web3 has opened up amazing opportunities, and we are just starting to scratch the surface. You can’t beat a podcast where I get to talk about things that I love with people who are at the cutting edge of what they do. I let my guests take the lead so we can chat about anything they are passionate about, and we all benefit from their enthusiasm and expertise.”

Fungibility uses the Award Pool platform to mint NFTs of each episode. The platform also allows the podcast to create challenges for its’ followers to engage them and have them earn points. Listeners can redeem the points they earn for NFTs of episodes.

About Fungibility

Fungibility is a podcast that launched in late 2021, hosted by Ruv. Ruv speaks with various guests about NFT and the secret heroes behind them. Topics cover the full range of NFT-related topics, from being a digital nomad funded by crypto, to the environmental impacts of blockchain technology. The podcast mints each episode as an NFT available to listeners through the Award Pool platform.

About Award Pool

Launched in 2021, Toronto-based Award Pool enables anyone – from companies and brands to influencers – to gamify campaigns. Award Pool is an integrated platform that empowers brands, creators and collectors with amazing engagement tools and features to create, collect, and trade unique experiences, collectibles, and amazements.


Brenda Cohen, Co-Founder, CMO of Award Pool 

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