The Future of Advertisement Intelligence Powered by Blockchain

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The Future of Advertisement Intelligence Powered by Blockchain
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Computer bots, lack of transparency and subsequent mounting losses of advertisers – all these digital advertising sphere is plagued with. Fortunately, blockchain is here to help.

In 2017, digital ad spending amassed $209 bln globally, whereas the amount falling only at TV makes $178 bln. Increasingly, more TV advertisers are relocating their budgets across digital platforms, with projections estimated to reach $335 bln by 2020. Led by internet giants like Google and Facebook, big data has played a fundamental role in advertising over the past 10 years. While Facebook rules over display advertising, Google dominates paid search advertising.

In spite of the obvious benefits, glaring flaws abound in digital advertising. As a whole, the industry lacks transparency. Computer bots are thought to be behind high ad engagement rates, triggering serious concerns among business owners and advertises alike. Blockchain comes to the rescue with underlying technology benefits such as improved security, transactional transparency, speed and scalability, all of them ensuring better protection of user data.

How Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize Digital Advertising

Blockchain technology eliminates the guesswork associated with mounting campaigns. Given that the data is encrypted, it can block empty bot clicks and handle additional threats that may hamper a campaign’s numbers and metrics. The end result could be better campaign integrity and assurance to advertisers that real people click on their ads.

The unstable nature of the digital advertising industry, where publishers and advertisers work with intermediaries like agencies, different networks, and exchanges – some of which use complex algorithms – trigger an impossible to audit, and easy-to-hack ecosystem. The blockchain, with its transparent distributed ledger, might be a natural and rational fit for the digital advertising world. Its technology could contribute to a fraud-free, transparent and brand-safe media landscape made from fully-verified trading partners.

One major benefit of blockchain technology in the digital advertising scenario lies in its potential to enable trust, consensus and seamless collaboration between buyers and sellers.

Smart Advertising Transaction Token (SaTT) jumps on a journey to disrupt the advertising industry with a business model that leverages Ethereum’s smart contract system in a distributed and decentralized manner.

The Future of Advertising Intelligence is Here

From a conventional perspective, advertisers can use different tools to track, analyze, quantify and publish ad campaigns. Their brand’s message can be spread across branded and co-branded websites, rich media campaigns, brand content, influencer marketing, and more.

To streamline the process and ensure transactional transparency, SaTT’s utility token enters the scene with a value proposition that could disrupt the advertising industry as we know it. Developed on the Ethereum network, the platform is regulated by a smart contract system to facilitate advertisement broadcasting based on performance objectives.

To advertisers, this translates to increased ad visibility, organic traffic and sales opportunities. At the core of the SaTT project lies the American app development company ATAYEN Inc. which specializes in developing apps for different social networks including Facebook.

A Safe Haven for Advertisers

After studying over 4 mln pages that use ATAYEN’s iFrame suite of apps, the team realized that all of their customers have a universal goal: to maximize awareness and penetration of their brand, services, products or promotional offers.

To cater to their customer’s needs, ATAYEN developed the SaTT token; a Blockchain-based utility token that pursues the evolution of a campaign on platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics or Instagram via oracle module connections.

By using SaTT, advertisers are guaranteed their campaigns are both secure and transparent, and consumers get exclusive access to events and products in exchange for SaTT tokens. All transactions performed on the platform are governed by the SaTT smart contract system, where distributed decentralized records are held on the Blockchain. To prevent ad fraud, the SaTT smart contract is ruled by modules held by independent individuals secured by the Ethereum network.

Following the successful completion of its pre-sale in less than 24 hours, SaTT kickstarted its crowdsale and initial distribution of SaTT tokens, which will end on July 1. The tokens in the initial coin offering are priced at $0.42.

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