GainPool Introduces a New Model of Participating in Launchpad DeFi Projects

June 23rd, 2021 at 10:06 am UTC · 3 min read

GainPool has introduced a new way of participating in DeFi Launchpad projects. In the new model, participants must lock specific amounts in a pool before participating in new projects. The amount required to participate depends on the tier level of the individual.

GainPool’s model is designed to offer eligible participants a chance to participate in available early stage projects. In the past, many eligible traders would shy away from such projects because the token price was high. Most DeFi projects on the blockchain have been given priority to well-connected individuals who had their token at a cheaper rate. By the time the projects reach the market, their token price are higher, and not affordable to ordinary retail investors. So, early access to startup companies is only limited to a few individuals, locking out many eligible participants.

Interestingly, this goes against the spirit of financial decentralization, whose aim is to promote financial inclusion. Luckily, GainPool intends to resolve this problem.

Modes of Participating in GainPool

GainPool aims at creating an environment where all eligible $GAIN token holders can participate. You can participate in their ecosystem through either direct or indirect access.

Direct Access

Direct access offers GainPool an opportunity to act as a mitigator of risks on a $GAIN token holder’s behalf. The method also closes the gap of initial stage investing that is present in most blockchain projects. Through Direct Access, participants can access Seed Rounds, Private Sales, and Strategic Rounds.

Indirect Access

Using the Indirect Access methodology, GainPool aims to access a stake in top-notch early projects and then allocate the benefits to $GAIN holders.  Through the GainPool platform, token holders can successfully access all programs to enable them to stake in any Launchpad program. Indirect access methodology enables GainPool to do many things, including:

  • Act as a stand-in in the 3rd party Launchpad environment.
  • Aggregate Launchpads and participate in their private and public offerings.

Cost of Participation

The indirect method has many participation characteristic. It provies private and public access to the Launchpad. GainPool uses the Tier Model that stipulates that $GAIN token holders can hold up to USD 1,000 worth of GAIN tokens at any time. This is much different than being required to hold a certain number of tokens, which can vary in value.  The token holders have an equal opportunity of participating with assured allocation. In this regard, if you hold USD 1,000 worth of $GAIN, you are guaranteed a distribution. GainPool distributes the shares to individuals according to the amount available.

The Tier Model has three levels: GainLead, GainPro, and GainElite. GainLead holds/Stakes USD 1,000 worth of $GAIN token. On the other hand, GainPro holds/stakes USD 1,000×2 value of $Gain token. Finally, participants in the GainElite hold/stakes USD 1,000×3.

About GainPool

GainPool uses an in-house collective mechanism to bring financial freedom to the public in the DeFi environment. Participation is possible through either direct or indirect access.

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