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In a quest to empower creators, Polinate successfully closed a $1.25M fundraise with massive support from notable blockchain players and leading venture capital firms.

The rise of Bitcoin and the entire crypto market has been gut-trenching to watch. The last year has seen far more progress with more countries beginning to pay attention, it seems this could just be the beginning of the cryptocurrency revolution. More people are participating in this massive revolution and taking advantage of crypto’s ability to break borders and revolutionize industries.

NFTs on the other hand are pushing the barriers of our minds and changing our view on what value is. Now jpegs, gifs, and blockchain-based games are routinely making thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Amidst all this though, it is undeniable that for some, blockchain appears to be a bubble waiting to burst. The prevalent narrative against blockchain and its battle for adoption in the mainstream is that most projects built on it are only useful to the ‘blockchain bubble’.

The new crowdfunding project Polinate is looking to challenge that narrative. Built on the EVM compatible Polygon chain, it is attempting to change the way people raise funds for their projects. While it can be said that some people are taking advantage of crypto to ride the current wave to its zenith, Polinate seems to have done its homework and is actually looking to provide services of value.

Right from the start of the creative process, creators will have full freedom over what they want to create and will be given the tools to build it. Gone is the red tape and long process linked with crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter. Polinate is trying to make the creative process as easy as possible with the least amount of hassle.

Where other platforms will take a large number of your actual profits as ‘commision’, Polinate transfers the entire proceeds to the creator and also gives you the means to raise more with its pTKN feature. Creators can create events around the pTKN and define the rewards attached to it, providing incentives for backers.

Gearing up for Exchange Listings is a platform for projects bringing revolution powered by innovation. Unlike more popular exchanges which only list a select few tokens, Gate is well known for giving fair opportunities to projects to flourish. As a result, the trademark surge that used to be associated with Binance listings is now far more common for tokens listed on Gate. Polinate will be listed on on 28th September, 2021.

This will serve as a boost for the Polinate project. With startups, all funds raised are essential and the boost that could come from a listing such as this is not without its perks. The native token to the Polinate platform is $POLI and users can expect to see it soon through their CEX trading interfaces.

“We are proud to be listed on the Gate. One of our community members conducted a poll and they chose Gate as the exchange of choice. Gate has an exceptional reputation, especially for being the first listing on a centralized exchange. We couldn’t be happier to welcome the Gate community into our Hive!” cofounder Babar Shabir said.

With all the positives though, there are some negatives to a venture like this. While the red tape with some other crowdfunding platforms can be annoying as it also weeds out potential scammers and false representation. Polinate will have a tough road ahead if it hopes to maintain a low barrier to entry as this is historically a beacon for scammers.

Should they be able to balance out this security risk, they could see massive growth provided that they meet all their promises.

Backed by Reputable Investors

In a quest to empower creators, Polinate successfully closed a $1.25M fundraise with massive support from notable blockchain players and leading venture capital firms. Led by SL2 Capital, the funding rounds witnessed participation from supreme partners including Dutch Crypto Investors, Girnas Capital, Black Dragon, AU21 Capital , Moonboots, BlockFilms, BBS Finance, Synaps, Bullish Unicorn and Extra Watts.

The fresh influx of capital will accelerate the growth of Polinate in building a new generation of decentralized crowdfunding.

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