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Global Changes in Emercoin Blockchain: SegWit, TX Optimizer, STUN and 13 More Updates

July 31st, 2018 at 4:00 pm UTC · 3 min read

We’ve made it faster, more secure and easier to use. Also, we’ve updated our wallet to match the new rules of the blockchain and dSDKs.

First of all, we’ve updated Emercoin with Bitcoin core 0.14 and added support for SegWit (Segregated Witness). By removing transaction signature information and storing it outside the base transaction block, SegWit reduces the size of new transactions and as a result the size of the blockchain, solving the problem of transaction malleability.

Transaction Optimizer – an algorithm selecting an optimal subset of Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO) for a new outgoing transaction – now works 10x times faster! The precision was increased to subcents thus helping to decrease the size of transactions and blockchain in general. Now it is easier to collect a needed amount of EMC from different UTXOs without generating an additional and unnecessary UTXO.

We’ve updated STUN support and added new servers to the existing list, which now consist of more than 200 independent servers, providing high level of user anonymity in Emercoin blockchain. Also, logging of STUN responses types was added.

And last but not least, we have developed a base layer in the blockchain core, for our new innovative technology RandPay. It is a technology micropayments/microtransactions and an alternative to the lightning protocol that will work on Emercoin blockchain and enable the development of payment-oriented services. RandPay will be released in the next few months. So, stay tuned.

Here is the full list of things that we’ve made a lot better:

  • Changed Bitcoin’s core to 0.14, added support for SegWit.
  • Mining/minting – there will be granulation by subcent, not cent. Also, the POS-period is taken into account with an accuracy of a second, not a day.
  • Transaction Optimizer – improvements to the subcents precision, increased speed up to ~10x times.
  • The kernel is updated with a new micropayments technology, which will eliminate the limit on the number of transactions per second.
  • In Manage Names – as it was frequently requested, a menu form was made for emerDNS.
  • emerDNS – added full CNAME support.
  • emerDNS – added a second level of protection against botnets and DNS Amplifying attack into the built-in server.
  • DNS Amplifying detector – improved the algorithm for recognizing malicious activity.
  • STUN – updated the server list, added the logging of STUN responses types.
  • In the decoded raw transaction – added NVS printing.
  • Added an index to the addresses of NVS, as it is useful for light wallets with NVS support, now it is being tested. Also, the name_scan_address command was added.
  • Added default “mint only” checkbox checked, when unlocking a wallet. This will reduce the chance of unintended unlocking.
  • The amount of coins in the selected transactions was added to the Transactions section.
  • Added config option -stunsrcport to specify STUN source port.
  • Blockchain downloading algorithm has been optimized, the download speed was increased by approximately 40%.
  • Added automatic transcoding of the old format key at importprivkey command.

You can also install and enjoy the benefits of the updated Emercoin wallet. Have profitable mining and minting!

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