Lendabit Offers Easy P2P Loans with Reduced Fees

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Lendabit Offers Easy P2P Loans with Reduced Fees

P2P lending platform Lendabit has reduced its fees for both lenders and borrowers and let get a loan 300 USDT without verification.

Though crypto industry is experiencing not the best times in its history, the startups and blockchain-based solutions are still being actively developed, bringing enhanced opportunities for participants of the market.

And peer-to-peer solutions powered by blockchain technology are definitely among the most highly demanded ones today as blockchain is the technology that is able to revolutionize a great number of processes and procedures, including those that take place in the financial sphere.

One of the aspects of blockchain implementation that today attract the attention of a very wide audience is decentralized loan issuance. Peer to peer lending and borrowing are gaining popularity today as owing to the capacities of blockchain these processes have become much more cost-efficient than they used to be before which is partially explained by the fact that now they can be fully controlled by individuals themselves.

What Is Lendabit

Lendabit is one of the most actively-growing decentralized P2P lending platforms created to be used by customers from different corners of the world. Today the platform offers ones of the most attractive terms for users and is going to head a massive industry’s growth in the coming years.

To achieve this aim, the platform offers special campaigns and deals for its users which is said to ensure further loan liberalization.

The platform combines distributed ledger with a peer-to-peer feature. Such an approach allows it to offer instant loans. For a borrower to get a loan it is necessary just to provide the necessary information and some form of crypto-collateral. Everything should be done just online.

A user-friendly interface makes it possible even for newcomers to easily navigate on the website and choose necessary options.

Moreover, to make users’ interaction with the platform as comfortable as possible, Lendabit offers a very user-oriented customer care support that is available 7 days per week. The customer support team is able to process 12,000+ tickets/requests per month.

How to Take a Loan

There are 4 ways to borrow funds:

  1. The first one is to use the opportunities offered by the Unique Loan Wizard, thanks to which the time needed for the issuance of loans to new users is significantly reduced.
  2. The second one is borrowing from a loan pool. As in the first case you can take a loan up to 200 000 USDT.
  3. You can also make a loan request and indicate your own terms.
  4. Or you can also look through the existing loan offers and accept the most appropriate one.

Special Offers

LendaBit is the platform that really takes care of its users, that’s why it has taken a decision to reduce its fees for both lenders and borrowers. Now the fees offered amounts to a fixed 1% for borrowers (though earlier it used to be up to 3%) and 0.5% for lenders.

Moreover, there is great news for those who want to get a loan of 300 USDT. It can be secured without any verification, you should just deposit collateral in BTC, ETH or EMC.

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