GMO Group Unveils Japan’s First-Ever Bitcoin Mining Chip B2

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
GMO Group Unveils Japan’s First-Ever Bitcoin Mining Chip B2
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The revolutionary 7nm semiconductor chips have become the heart of more powerful and energy efficient mining rigs that outperform popular rivals.

GMO Internet Group is a well-known name in the blockchain sphere. This Tokyo-based company has a wide sphere of interests from Internet services to the crypto sphere. GMO Internet Group has already launched lots of projects that have got the credit of the crypto society.

However, the latest announcement of the company has all the chances to become the next milestone for cryptocurrency mining. This week the Japanese tech services company has released the new bitcoin mining rig which uses 7nm semiconductor chips.

The news has not come unexpected: Japanese tech company has already announced the intention to launch the innovational mining rig on May 23. The new mining machine GMO Miner B2 has instantly drawn the attention of the crypto society: the 7nm semiconductor chips are setting the new standards for the industry.

The new technology claims to deliver better performance and efficiency. The rivals of GMO Internet Group still lag behind in the area of minimizing semiconductors. The popular alternatives to the new rig are Bitmain’s Antminer S9 that uses a 16nm chip and Halong Mining’s DragonMint T1 that has come closer to the new creation of the Tokyo-based tech giant with 10nm chip.

The official announcement of the new mining rig has become a big deal for the home country of GMO Internet Group as it is the first system of the kind wholly-developed by a Japanese company. The land of the rising sand is the main creator of the project, but the production of revolutionary 7nm chips is based in Taiwan.

GMO Internet Group is a great example of a company making consistent and balanced decisions. In the end of 2017 CoinSpeaker reported on the cryptocurrency mining services the company launched in Northern Europe. The usage of the new progressive mining rig based on 7nm chips is expected to bring this initiative to the new level. At the moment the hashrate of GMO Internet Group is about 299PH/s – and the company expects it to grow ten times bigger by the end of 2018.

GMO Miner B2 is not a cheap thing: the price is set to the $1,999. By comparison, Bitmain’s Antminer S9 is $1,162 cheaper than the new rig by GMO Internet Group, but the hashrate of 24TH/s at a power consumption of 1950W per unit makes it a great deal. Preordering starts on June 6 and  the first buyers are to get GMO Miner B2 in October 2018.

GMO Internet Group is firmly stating its place in the crypto sphere. The employees of the company form a dedicated team that makes difference. The trust in crypto is so strong that the company has even started paying Bitcoin salaries.

The Tokyo-based company has gone a long way towards better crypto mining. Nevertheless, GMO Internet Group proves to be a truly diversified company: while early supporters are waiting for their GMO Miner B2s, the crypto society expects GMO to launch “CryptoChips” – a mobile app that enables distribution of cryptocurrency as remuneration within games.

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