Best Time to Accumulate Gold and Bitcoin, Says Crescat Capital Analyst

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Best Time to Accumulate Gold and Bitcoin, Says Crescat Capital Analyst
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A detailed report presented by Crescat Capital analyst states that recession could be anywhere around the corner and one must park their capital in safe assets like gold.

Although the stock market has been hitting new highs, analysts have warned investors to stay cautious during these times. Otavio Costa, an analyst at Crescat Capital said that it is the ideal time for investors to buy and accumulate gold.

In an in-depth analysis, Costa explained that the Treasury Yield Curve spreads have moved past the critical 70% threshold. Citing historical patterns, Costa advises investors to liquidate their stocks and instead buy gold for the next two years.

While it is certainly difficult to actually predict the markets, the yield curve indicator strongly suggests that recession might be approaching the markets sooner than expected. Based on the gold to S&P500 ratio, Costa suggests that buying gold at the yield-curve inversion will likely reward users by 100%.

The uncertain state of economic affairs around the globe is a major indicator of the next recession. Uncertainty around Brexit, the U.S-China trade war and many other indicators are hinting towards an impending recession. Costa explained:

“There is a laundry list of dangerous assets bubbles in the global financial markets today that have built up over a record long US economic expansion”.

However, in its recent analysis, Credit Suisse said that there are another 12 to 18 months before the stock roll-over actually happens. The banking giant says that markets usually rally 15% on average following the inversion of the yield curve. On the other hand, their findings show that recession hits 22 months after the inversion.

Bitcoin a Good Bet – But Limit the Exposure

While Crescat Capital has been advising on purchasing gold, investors are still curious about Bitcoin. However, the asset management giant looks currently reluctant to put a major exposure to Bitcoin. Costa says that investors should limit their fund allocation in Bitcoin to just 1-2%. He said:

“Bitcoin is limited in supply like precious metals and in that sense could be a valuable call option on inflation”.

However, Costa says that there is no conclusive data available which suggests Bitcoin buying in case of a yield-curve inversion.

Well, markets are always unpredictable at any given point in time. And it is, of course, difficult to predict the turns based on a few indicators. Investors in such cases are requested to maintain prudence and protect their capital at any given stage.

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