Google Cloud Forms New Dedicated Digital Assets Team

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Google Cloud Forms New Dedicated Digital Assets Team
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With the onboarding of the digital assets team, Google has redefined its core goals for its customers for the future.

Google Cloud, a business offshoot of the American tech giant, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has launched a new dedicated digital assets team in a bid to play catch up with evolutionary trends in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As shared in a blog post by Yolande Piazza VP, Financial Services, Google Cloud, the new team is a complement to the firm’s prior efforts in working with blockchain developers, exchanges, and other companies in the cryptocurrency space.

Despite the relative newness of blockchain, Google has realized the potential of the technology, and how it is billed to redefine the future of many industries. By setting up the dedicated digital assets team, Google hopes to be able to champion the development of the space and provide ease to its existing crop of clients looking to integrate the technology.

According to Yolande, the digital assets team will work within, “Google Cloud to support our customers’ needs in building, transacting, storing value, and deploying new products on blockchain-based platforms. This new team will enable our customers to accelerate their efforts in this emerging space and help underpin the blockchain ecosystems of tomorrow.”

Despite the seeming decentralized nature of blockchain protocols, many still rely on the cloud infrastructures of centralized players to host their decentralized applications. As of today, Google Cloud plays host to innovative blockchain protocols like Hedera Hasgraph, Theta Labs, and Dapper Labs, all of which notably use the company’s cloud platform for scalability, flexibility, and security. The new digital assets team will now be tasked with assisting clients in achieving these and more defined goals in the future.

The Future Goals of Google and Its Digital Assets Team

With the onboarding of the digital assets team, Google has redefined its core goals for its customers for the future. As part of its commitment, Google will be instrumental in providing dedicated node hosting/remote procedure call (RPC) nodes for developers, allowing users to deploy blockchain validators on Google Cloud via a single click (“click to deploy”) functionality.

Additionally, the Google team will be participating in node validation and on-chain governance with select partners, and helping developers and users host their nodes on one of the cleanest clouds in the industry, supporting their environmental, social, and governance initiatives. This environmental consideration is particularly essential for blockchain protocols, most of which have come under intense criticism in recent times for not being energy efficient.

The future of blockchain technology and several of its innovative offshoots including decentralized finance and the metaverse are just shaping up. With more growth cycles to the trail, Google Clouds can find a prominent spot in championing the future of Web3.0, providing stiff competition to Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) backed Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other known decentralized alternatives.

The company is notably enthusiastic about the tasks ahead, saying:

“We’re inspired by the work already done in the digital assets space by our customers, and we look forward to providing the infrastructure and technologies to support what’s possible with blockchain technologies in the future.”

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