Google Cloud Will Become Operator on Tezos Network

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Google Cloud Will Become Operator on Tezos Network
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The deal with Tezos will allow corporate clients of Google Cloud to develop and deploy web3 applications on the Tezos blockchain using Google’s cloud infrastructure.

In the latest development, Google Cloud has joined hands with the Tezos Foundation in order to accelerate further the development of Web3 applications on the Tezons blockchain network.

As a result, Google’s cloud computing operator will now become a validator on the Tezos blockchain. With this partnership, Google’s corporate customers will be able to deploy Tezos nodes. Nodes basically function as computed that can run the blockchain software for validating transactions and storing their history.

This is Google Cloud’s latest integration with a blockchain network. As per the deal with Tezos, corporate clients of Google Cloud will be able to develop and deploy web3 applications on the Tezos blockchain using Google’s cloud infrastructure. Additionally, selected startups build on the Tezos blockchain will also be eligible for Google Cloud credits and mentorships.

In recent times, Google Cloud has been partnering with several blockchain players in the industry. Last year in January 2022, Google Cloud established its dedicated digital assets team to focus on the emerging trends in the crypto industry. The team focuses on supporting customers’ needs in building, transacting, storing value, and deploying new products on blockchain-based platforms.

Later that year, Google Cloud also assembled a Web3 team to focus on building services around the rapidly emerging Metaverse space.

Google Cloud and Its Blockchain Integrations

Over the last year, Google Cloud has announced integrations with different blockchain platforms. In September 2022, Google Cloud joined hands with the BNB chain to boost blockchain and Web3 startups. This partnership allowed all Web3 projects running on the BNB Chain to gain access to Google Cloud’s scalable, secure, and open-source infrastructure.

Just like Tezos, Google Cloud also became a validator on the Solana blockchain network. Besides, it’s also running a validator node on the Ronin network, which is a gaming-centric Ethereum sidechain. Speaking on the recent development, James Tromans, engineering director of web3 at Google Cloud, said:

“At Google Cloud, we’re providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Web3 founders and developers to innovate and scale their applications. We look forward to bringing the dependability and scalability of Google Cloud to power Web3 applications on Tezos.”

The latest integrations by Google Cloud demonstrate the growing interest among tech giants into blockchain and Web3 projects.

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