Google Faces Crucial Antitrust Lawsuit over Google Play Fees

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Google Faces Crucial Antitrust Lawsuit over Google Play Fees
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A group of 37 attorneys filed a case against Google over its play store fees on the Android platform allegedly stating how Google has been abusing its power over app developers.

The current case is the fourth antitrust lawsuit to be filed against Google’s power issues and the case also enquires about Google LLC (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) abusing its power to stifle competitors. The case further discusses how the company has been regularly forcing its consumers to pay in-house payments that provide the company with a reasonable revenue cut.

The case also discusses Google’s alleged power play where the tech giant has been blocking several competitors to stay on the top of the market in terms of business and product development.

Google Embroiled in a Multi-State Antitrust Lawsuit

A group of 37 attorneys had filed the case against Google highlighting critical power issues that Google has been asserting over the years. New York Attorney Letitia James, who is leading this case, has commented how millions of users each day turn towards Google App Store to download applications without knowing that the company has been pursuing the activity of subduing competitors and crushing many small businesses to stay on top of the league.

Google has been upheld quite a few times where there have been many allegations against the company over alleged malpractice activities and asserting power play into the competitive business to stay ahead in the marketplace.

Google Faces Complaints about Alleged Overcharge App Payments Proceedings

The recent lawsuit filed against the tech giant has highlighted how the company has been unlawfully stifling competitors and small businesses to climb the success ladder through monopolized practices and also has been overcharging its consumers and app developers. The case further examines the company’s pattern where Google collects all potential payments to be processed under the Google Billing app and makes a near cut of substantial revenue undertakings exceeding up to 30% of total payments.

The complaint comprises how Google has been using anti-competitive barriers and mandates to protect its monopoly power and collect more revenue from Google Play Store and Google Billing. It also lists Google’s misconduct regarding the frequent issuing of misleading security warnings to keep the consumers locked in the Google play store mechanisms.

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) stock hasn’t significantly reacted to the news. Yesterday it closed with a 0.23% rise at $2,529.48. Today in the open-market it is slightly down (-0.37%), trading at $2,520.00.

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