GoverMedia Partners With a Swiss Bank On Developing White Label Messaging Platform

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GoverMedia Partners With a Swiss Bank On Developing White Label Messaging Platform
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The multinational company that provides a wide range of online services from e-commerce to initial coin offerings has signed strategic agreement with a private Swiss bank. The expected result is a fully customizable messaging platform used for the internal communication within a bank.

While the whole world is obsessed with decentralization, the concept of centralization is not leaning back. The success of the most influential corporations is based on their ability to offer customers everything they need in one place. The list of companies that follow this strategy includes retail giants like Walmart and tech corporations like Google. These brands have conquered their markets, but the world of business is changing and requires fresh ideas. The new breakthrough may come from the implementation of the centralization concept with the help of the decentralized technology.

GoverMedia is a company that can be best described by the word ‘diversity’. This Canadian company with a strong development center in Russia has mastered a variety of online services: e-commerce, social media, multimedia, corporate auctions, corporate database, messaging platform and crowdfunding services. What is more, only one account is needed to access all of the services mentioned above. No wonder the platform has gained popularity: over 200,000 users have already joined GoverMedia.

The recent news from Geneva has given rise to the new wave of interest to GoverMedia. The company has announced a software development agreement with a Swiss private bank. The name of the bank was not disclosed, but it is told to have significant expertise in asset and wealth management.

The object of the partnership is a proprietary white labeled messaging platform used for the internal communication within a bank. The solution will be developed and tested within one Swiss bank, but the full customization will be available. The architecture of the messaging platform provides a simple solution for replication of with the servers and the encryption keys to other banking institutions.

GoverMedia has created the solid foundation for the success of the project as it will be built on its proprietary messaging software MFLY+. The project is challenging and full of complicated tasks. However, the team of GoverMedia has already started working on the software solutions and expects to finish the project in the third quarter of 2018.

​Leonid Afanasyev, GoverMedia’s Founder and Director, emphasized the importance of the agreement:

“After months of restless work, we are pleased to announce this partnership in the financial heart of Switzerland. Based on years of professional relationship with the bank, we managed to develop a tailor-made solution for the financial institution’s needs. The solution the Company has developed is fully adapted to the banking technology infrastructure in Switzerland and can be easily implemented to other banks in our network. We are confident this agreement will provide the basis for many other commercial contracts to come.”

GoverMedia combines different methods and technologies in its work to create the perfect offer for its customers. The diversification is never a simple choice as it requires outstanding management and talented team. But GoverMedia seems to be one of the few companies that can focus on multiple tasks. The recent agreement with Swiss bank is only one of the many achievements for GoverMedia. The company has already partnered with a major EU-based cryptoexchange and integrated crypto payments into their e-commerce and auction platform.

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