Great Achievements BIT.GAME Has Made in the World’s Largest LoT, Blockchain & AI Tech Expo in London

May 4th, 2018 at 6:40 pm UTC · 5 min read

2017 witnessed an explosive growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain ecosystem. That’s the background of the establishment of BIT.GAME. Against such a backdrop, the world’s first digital asset exchange and technology provider for blockchain games has been established. It is BIT.GAME.

With the combination of blockchain and game, BIT.GAME provides game asset transaction service through blockchain. BIT.GAME contributes to building the most extensive worldwide blockchain game ecosystem. Based on the core business of the exchange, BIT.GAME provides a complete set of solutions for game publishers to connect their games with blockchain easily. Besides, BIT.GAME also provides technical support, incubation funds and asset exchange for potential game projects.

BIT.GAME’s delegation arrived at London on 17 April. The next morning, they took part in the Huobi meetup. They learned more after listening to the speech. LoT, Blockchain & AI Tech Expo was held on 18 and 19 April at London Olympia, which the delegates of BIT.GAME attended.

Besides, they set up their own exhibition stand. Those who were interested in blockchain games converged on its stand and learned about the information of this field. They discussed with its founder and CEO, Eric Sun, COO, Kelvin Wong, Global Community Director, Freya, as well as CEO assistant, Lynn. The discussion was in full swing.

BIT.GAME had established long-term strategic relationships with Matrix and Elastos. BIT.GAME partnered with Elastos to hold a meetup on April 19 and 21 respectively. During the meetup, Mr. Chen Rong, founder of Elastos, delivered an inspiring speech to talk about the aim of Elastos towards the development prospects of blockchain.

Later, BIT.GAME’s COO Kelvin Wong gave an appealing and captivating speech. He made a comparison between advertising, game and e-commerce to conclude the better combination of game and blockchain than the other two. After their speeches, the participants enthusiastically conducted a Q&A session.

On April 20, BIT.GAME’s delegates attended the meetup with their strategic cooperation partner, Matrix AI Network. Matrix is a rare blend of future proofed problem solving technology, a world class team, and the most visibly strong partnerships in the blockchain space. Their aim is to solve each of the problems through the use of proprietary models and artificial intelligence.

Steve Deng, top AI scientist at Matrix, Tim Shi, their Chief Chip Scientist and their CEO Owen Tao who had an impressive background both gave wonderful speeches. Similarly, a Q&A session was the next.

Kelvin Wong, BIT.GAME’s COO, said, “However, the present blockchain game industry is still confronted with 2 major issues, token circulation and technical support,” Kelvin said, “So, what BIT.GAME is doing for blockchain games? We could help achieve value and technical breakthroughs with4 kinds of advantages. They are BIT.GAME Exchange, BIT.GAME Solution, BIT.GAME Platform, BIT.GAME AIDEX.”

He also mentioned, “BIT.GAME is not just an exchange for gaming assets, but an actual decentralized game protocol that can be used to build decentralized blockchain games. BIT.GAME has a unique dual repurchase program that will keep the price of the tokens moving upwards – 50% of the profits will be used to buy back and destroy tokens. Another 30% of the profits will be used to repurchase tokens to replenish the mining pool for gamers.”

As to BIT.GAME Solution, he said, “There are 2 features about it, Off-Chain Circulation and Multiple-Public blockchain Solution. the IOU based circulation solution provided by BIT.GAME will effectively help the blockchain game developers to avoid user threshold of the game.

Game users can easily realize the purchase, sale and transfer of game Token in games. And the multi-public blockchain solution will help the game community to solve asset distribution, asset circulation, asset transaction, and so on.”

“BIT.GAME blockchain platform is based on DAICO. In January 2018, Vitalik Buterin mentioned a DAICO (short for Decentralized Anonymous Initial Coin Offering) instead of an ICO, for better investment risk control. Because the game industry is far more mature than blockchain. 3 to 6 months is enough to develop a stable game, making it more suitable for DAICO.”Kelvin mentioned when talking about the platform of our company.

“BIT. GAME will construct the next generation of decentralized exchange AIDEX jointly with Matrix AI Network based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.” BIT.GAME will develop an integrated wallet to manage types of Game Tokens.

The 2018 IGS Digital Entertainment Industry Summit was held on April 20 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The conference was highly valued and deeply involved by the relevant industry authorities of Sichuan Provincial Government and Chengdu Municipal Government. The world-renowned game companies and hundreds of game developers and publishers made statement jointly, and conducted in-depth discussion and cooperation on topics such as digital entertainment culture and new economies.

Mr. Sean He, co-founder of BIT.GAME, as a sharing guest, had discussed the eco-development of blockchain games and other hot topics with the industrial professionals in the Summit.

Mr. Zhang Qing, co-founder of BIT.GAME, shared with the guests at the Summit the thinking about the establishment of blockchain game ecology and the exploration of BIT.GAME’s eco-building in blockchain games. Mr. Zhang believed that domestic blockchain games could be used for equity financing through traditional capital investment or fund investment.

All these have shown that BIT.GAME is moving towards a bright and beautiful future.