Ensuring Greener Future with Blockchain and Crypto Tech

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Ensuring Greener Future with Blockchain and Crypto Tech
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The SWS (SmartWorld Security) token is an Ethereum-based token that helps make the SmartWorld program a reality.

We as a human race have progressed significantly in the past few centuries. We went from gas lights to LED bulbs, from telegrams to sophisticated smartphones, from horses to cars, and from small villages to smart cities.

All this technological development has made life easier for us, made distances seem short, and helped us connect with people across the globe. But, we failed to realize that this development was coming with a high cost. It cost us our relationship with mother nature.

We were so caught up with the idea of progress that we damaged nature to a point where our future as a civilization is endangered. The problems of global warming and climate change have become profound in the recent past, and if not controlled, they can threaten our existence. So, what do we do? Do we stop progressing altogether?

Well, no. We need to develop better, smarter technologies that help us exist in harmony with nature.

Offering Greener Alternatives to Major Industries

When we think of a smart world, we think of flying cars, high-tech robots, and other futuristic technologies. But, our world can only become truly smart when we find innovative ways of improving our quality of life while coexisting with nature. This is exactly what initiatives like the SmartWorld program aim to achieve.

The SmartWorld program is a blockchain and crypto-enabled initiative that supports unique projects providing greener alternatives to major industries like transport, infrastructure, energy, and fertile soil. It aims to solve the climate crisis and other related problems by reconnecting man with nature with the help of innovative technologies.

Transportation is the first and foremost stage of the SmartWorld program, which is being developed today. With the help of Unitsky String Transport, it provides an entirely new way of transporting people and cargo. The string rail with included communication channels and suspended vehicles located above the ground, can autonomously transport passengers and cargo at a speed of 500 km/hr. In the future, passengers will be able to travel at 1200 km/h.

The United Arab Emirates is a priority market for the implementation of this String Rail. In 2019, Unitsky String Transport was proposed as a potential solution for developing the Dubai infrastructure. The project provides the construction of a “second-level” urban transport system with a total length of 15 km with 21 stations in Dubai that will connect Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). This is in accordance with the UAE Dubai Smart City’ goal to automate 25% of the transport in the country by 2030. Once successfully implemented in the UAE, Unitsky String Technologies will be able to further the development of the string rail across the globe.

The entire project has a minimal carbon footprint and could also be a solution to the growing traffic problem in urban cities. Because it is located above the ground, the string transport system can pass through all terrains without limitations.

The SmartWorld program has created an ecological project that aims to maintain soil fertility by using microbiological fertilizers. Additionally, the program also aims to create a comprehensive clean energy infrastructure that can provide for all our energy needs.

Lastly, the SmartWorld program also supports a plethora of infrastructure and architectural projects that preserve natural habitats, flora, and fauna while utilizing as little space as possible. It also aims to develop residential areas elevated above the ground such that we can utilize the ground level for developing natural habitats.

Initiatives like these focus on the development of technologies that ensure the progress of humanity while protecting nature and not at its expense. They have the power to change the ways of our world for the better. But they lack the support and backing of the masses.

This is where blockchain technology comes into the picture.

Blockchain Backing for Green Technologies

Blockchain technology is the talk of the town right now. It has the power to garner public interest by not only creating transparency and security but also incentivizing the public for their participation. This is why it is essential that green technology initiatives like the SmartWorld program are backed by a blockchain-based security token.

The SWS (SmartWorld Security) token is an Ethereum-based token that helps make the SmartWorld program a reality. With the use of some of the most advanced protocols in blockchain technology, the token facilitates transfers, optimizes costs, and acts as a backbone for the entire project. The sophisticated KYC and AML procedures for STOs (Security Token Offerings) enhance security and reduce third-party involvement.

Anyone who holds the SWS token becomes a limited partner in SWS General LP. The token will soon be listed on the STO exchanges, and once that’s done, users will be able to freely buy, sell, and trade the token and benefit from its growth. This token could be the base around which the entire project is realized, taking humanity a step closer to a green future.


We’re all aware of climate change and the threats it poses to humanity. If we keep developing technology at the expense of nature, we might one day see clean air becoming a luxury. To make sure that does not happen, we do not only need the involvement and investment of corporations but also individuals. That’s what makes SmartWorld a promising initiative toward a more sustainable future – it enables corporations and individuals to collaboratively contribute toward developing technologies that can offer them a better future.

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