Gridex Protocol: Transforming the DEX Space with the First Ever Fully On-chain Order Book on Ethereum

February 13th, 2023 at 2:21 pm UTC · 3 min read

Gridex Protocol: Transforming the DEX Space with the First Ever Fully On-chain Order Book on Ethereum
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The decentralized finance (DeFi) community has been searching to find an efficient solution for fully on-chain spot order books in order to circumvent the risks of slippage and impermanent loss associated with automated market maker (AMM) trading. Although spot order book decentralized exchange (DEX)s do exist, these require off-chain order matching and depositing funds onto the platform.

Unfortunate events like the recent FTX Collapse have once again highlighted the pitfalls of centralized exchange (CEX)s, further propelling the need for decentralized trading. Hence, Gridex team believe it is the right time for Gridex to take the lead in steering the DeFi community towards a completely decentralized future.

Bringing on-chain Order Books to Ethereum for the first time, Gridex Protocol aim to solve the issues and flaws that have afflicted CEXs with its revolutionary trading protocol.

Unveiling the Gridex Protocol

Gridex Protocol is a permissionless, non-custodial trading protocol built using an immutable set of smart contracts on Ethereum. Through their novel “maker orders”, Gridex has achieved order book gas costs as low as AMMs with zero-slippage and negative fees.

Unlike the standard AMM DEXs, the Gridex Protocol is structured on the order book model. The Grid Maker Order Book (GMOB) model and Grid Price Linear Movement (GPLM) algorithm is devised to simplify the order-matching process (compared to traditional matching engines) while reducing resource consumption. This allows the Gridex Protocol to be deployed and run on Ethereum.

Gridex means much more than itself. Composability – the ability to piece together DeFi applications as if they are Lego bricks – is at the heart of DeFi. For years, an on-chain order book was the missing piece. Until Gridex came along…

D5 Powered by Gridex is the first aggregator combining the power of order books and AMMs. With the revolutionary trading experience built on Gridex as well as liquidity aggregated from leading AMMs Uniswap and Curve, D5 is about to change the world of decentralized exchanges.

Final Words

The Gridex Protocol stands out in the crowd for its unparalleled commitment to decentralization and liquidity.

This revolutionary trading protocol promises users a trading experience with all the features traders know and expect from having traded on CEXs, with the added advantage of being on a decentralized and non-custodial platform.

Join us now to experience the Gridex Protocol and to be a part of the future of trading.

Gridex Airdrop

Gridex will launch an airdrop event on February 13th. Historical Uniswap users who have addresses that have participated in at least 2 swaps, or have addresses that have acted as an LP, will be airdropped.In order to recieve the airdrop, users need to fill in the invitation code first. Once the invitee gets a reward, the inviter will also get an extra reward. More details on the rules can be found on the official website, Twitter, and Discord.

For more information about Gridex please visit the following links: Website, Whitepaper.

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