Best Guide to Blockchain Conferences

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by Emily Woodman · 4 min read
Best Guide to Blockchain Conferences

Emily Woodman, a long time digital marketer, shares her insights into the key principals of choosing the right blockchain conference out of the today’s myriad of events.

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you can flip on the TV, check your favorite online site or drop in on a conversation in the break lounge at the office and hear avid discussions on anything and everything related to Blockchain. What once began as a currency option that seemed uncertain at best and often volatile at the worst, a lot of people in the financial world were once unsure about taking the plunge into crypto and Blockchain.

However, it’s become fairly certain that it’s all here to stay, as it has become a leading currency in many areas of the world, and thousands of online retailers and other e-commerce sites are accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as forms of payment.

So, if you ever had any hesitation, it’s officially time to look towards the future and settle on a good Blockchain conference to attend. But if you’re still a little undecided, let’s take a few minutes and look at some of the other benefits that you can expect from attending a large Blockchain event.


The main reason that attendees typically select a particular Blockchain event is for the expert speakers. Most large conferences will have at least a handful of well-known panelists who will share their processes and experience with you on a multitude of Blockchain-related topics, as well as up-and-coming industry influencers or advisors who can share fresh aspects or exciting new ideas.

Be sure that you see a good mix of speakers represented, including those from large companies and respected organizations, along with new faces from rising startups. It’s a great idea to soak in all of this knowledge, and then apply the tactics that will work best for your individual needs.


While you may first be attracted to a particular conference by its renowned industry speakers, you’ll also want to know that it will offer exhibitor space. Many attendees attend an event specifically to look for new technology, applications and products that will be helpful to them in their businesses. Additionally, if you offer a product, it’s a great way to learn how to best present what you’re offering to the public, and maybe even sign up as a vendor for the next big event.


Sometimes, attending a large Blockchain event is all about the connections that you can make. You’ll have ample time to mingle with other like-minded professionals in the crypto industry, perhaps even making deals or discovering that you can work together on an upcoming project. You’ll want to file away any connections that you make. Just because you may not be useful to one another right away, it doesn’t mean that you may find that person to be beneficial a few months down the road.


A good portion of the best Blockchain events are held throughout Asia, probably due in part to the fact that it seems to be the center of the Blockchain universe. Be sure that the event will be held at a reputable venue, as this will be your home for a few days. Plus, keep in mind that just because you’re on a business trip, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get in a little relaxation or even some sightseeing.


All large conferences will offer a little more than the main event. This means that there will be additional openings to connect with other professionals, but perhaps in more laid-back settings. You can expect conference dinners, parties and even smaller lectures that you can opt to participate in during the event. If there’s an after-party, take this fun opportunity to get to know more of the conference attendees, where you can easily learn what you may have in common or how your cooperation could be mutually beneficial.


While most Blockchain conferences will offer single or multi-day tickets, they will also typically offer packages that will include additional options, such as the add-ons or even meals. If you are trying to stick to a budget but want to experience as much of the conference as possible, packages can actually save you a lot of money. Be sure to make a list of what you hope to experience from the conference, and then discover the most economical way to book your spot.

Now that you know what to look for when deciding on which Blockchain conference to book, check out the upcoming events for 2019. You’re sure to find a conference that will offer a myriad of fun events, exciting experiences and new opportunities.

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Author: Emily Woodman

Emily Woodman is a long time digital marketeer and writer at TokenomX Yellow Live - a Cryptocurrency Conference happening in Thailand. All views expressed in this article belong to the author of the post.

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