Hada DBank Concludes Its Pre-Sale, While Main Sale is Ready to Follow

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Hada DBank Concludes Its Pre-Sale, While Main Sale is Ready to Follow
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Having successfully achieved its soft-cap target during the token pre-sale, Hada DBank is looking forward to the main sale, which starts on May 1, 2018.

Hada DBank has recently announced the successful conclusion of its token presale and the details of its highly anticipated forthcoming main token sale. Owing a large potential customer base, the company is looking forward to provide banking for all, focusing mostly on the countless unbanked.

Hada DBank sees its main goal in making people’s lives easier with simple banking, while targeting a previously untapped market in an attempt to realize the potential of this desired customer base.

The Islamic Blockchain finance startup based in Malaysia has recently achieved its soft-cap target, raising approximately $3,000,000, with 11.3 million HADACoins sold during this presale. The presale was even extended by two weeks, a decision made by a vote in the community.

The preslae was preceded by a string of successes, when Hada DBank achieved important milestones in terms of funding, advisors, as well as securing the future of the platform.

For example, in February the platform has partnered with F1 Crypto Exchange and secured its native HADACoins to be listed on F1 trading platform after the main token sale comes to an end. The company has also invited David Drake of LDJ Capital to join HADA DBank’s team as an advisor, and secured a $500,000 investment from investment fund DE Asset Management LTD, agreeing on a long term partnership.

Hisyam Mokhtar, Chair as well as newly appointed Interim CEO of Hada DBank, has expressed his satisfaction with the presale, and his excitement about the future of Hada DBank:

“I am delighted with our performance in this Pre-ICO exercise. Despite the volatility in the current cryptocurrency market, we managed to sell almost USD 3m worth of HADACoins to both the Public and Institutional Investors during this period. It is an indication that despite the many ICOs and banking related blockchain projects, the market is progressing and accepting the technology. We are looking forward to launch our ICO soon. More advancement will soon be materialized. We thank those who have supported us from day 1 and hope to continue receiving that support.”

The main token sale will be divided into stages, mirroring the development stages the Bank is undergoing. Stage 1 of the sale will begin on May 1, 2018, and run for the entire month. 50 million HADACoins will be available for purchasing during this stage, with price and other details to be announced before May 1.

Hada DBank has also scheduled other milestones around this stage of the token sale, with MVP being developed and scheduled to release before the start of the sale, and participants of the bounty and airdrop program to receive their coins one week after the end of the sale.

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