Hawex IO: Largest Payment Service Provider Is Developing New Markets

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Hawex IO: Largest Payment Service Provider Is Developing New Markets
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Hawex IO strives to provide a convenient entry point for users into the world of advantages of cryptocurrency.

Today, financial technologies are an integral part of all existing types of financial services. The CEO of Hawex IO, Romans Nekrutenko, emphasizes that compliance with current trends in the fintech market and the improvement of software are the key to the successful functioning of the company in the conditions of the dynamic development of the crypto and fintech markets, banking system, etc.

Stating the main vectors of the Hawex IO development, Romans Nekrutenko tells us about the company’s main offers that meet the current needs of users.

Hawex IO: Company History and Offers

Hawex IO is a fintech company specializing in the development, optimization, and transformation of electronic payment systems for convenient financial transactions. Hawex IO was established in 2020, today it is based in the UK and has the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) license of the UK.

Hawex IO offers its users a wide range of banking services for business, such as account opening and maintenance, Internet acquiring, cryptoprocessing, and SaaS development.

Thanks to the PSP services delivery, Hawex optimizes the storage of information about transfers and payments of its users and also facilitates the process of routing them so that the user can make different payment scenarios. PSP offers the necessary range of services for processing payment data. Hawex IO provides multichannel integrations with partner banks by introducing PSP functionality into the range of its offers for customers. I would like to emphasize that PSP allows merchants to significantly scale their business and expand their customer base, since additional integrations with banks make it possible to sell their products around the world.

In 2023, Hawex IO significantly expanded the functionality of its ecosystem to the B2C segment by developing and releasing the Hawex Mobile banking application, designed primarily for individuals.

Accordingly, it would be correct to call Hawex IO a comprehensive fintech ecosystem that opens up business opportunities for users in the cryptocurrency world at multiple levels. Hawex IO not only provides existing businesses with the necessary software for payments and high-load banking operations, but also acts as a navigator for entrepreneurs who want to enter the fintech market, but do not yet have their own product. So, Hawex IO helps entrepreneurs through legal and technical support of their business, helping to open a fintech company or create their own exchange, from which they can immediately enter the cryptocurrency market.

It should be noted that as a result of working with Hawex IO, the client receives not only guidelines and vectors for business development, but also becomes the owner of a fully functioning infrastructure ready to work in the market.

Hawex IO strives to provide a convenient entry point for users into the world of advantages of cryptocurrency. SaaS products for financial institutions, such as the SaaS Exchange and Hawex Mobile, as well as cryptoprocessing and PSP services create a flexible and reliable infrastructure for businesses and individuals.

Hawex Mobile: Way to Barrier-Free Financial Transactions

Hawex Mobile is a financial mobile application supported on two main platforms: Android and iOS. First of all, Hawex Mobile offers users the opportunity to use the seamless connection between the cryptocurrency and the fiat worlds for their daily needs.

The main advantage of Hawex Mobile for the user is that the application greatly simplifies the process of making payments, since it provides currency conversion. For example, a user wants to purchase goods or services and pay for them with the cryptocurrency they have, but the service provider accepts payments only in fiat. Using Hawex Mobile, the user pays in cryptocurrency, and the merchant receives the payment already in fiat. This became possible thanks to the internal conversion process in Hawex Mobile, which removes the burden from the user to carry out the transfer of cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa.

Thus, Hawex Mobile provides the user with classic banking services, such as account opening and financial transfers, and includes a range of opportunities to work in the cryptocurrency market with a user-friendly interface and compliance with all necessary security protocols.

It is important that this electronic product is aimed at convenient and eco-friendly operation. The world is changing, Hawex IO is moving along the path of harmonious interaction with the physical world and anticipates the ubiquity of Web 3.0 as a new form of the Internet. Hawex Mobile provides information storage exclusively in digital format, and document management does not involve paper production in any way. The company also provides an option to purchase a physical crypto card for making payments, but its cost already includes 5€, which is deducted to funds for cleaning the oceans from plastic pollution.

The expected transition to a fully digital functioning of the banking system is the most positive scenario not only for users, but also for our environment.

The Hawex IO Team Focuses on Quality

To create a high-quality and multifunctional fintech product, it is necessary to research and promptly integrate the available Web 3.0 technologies. In order to maintain a dynamic and confident pace of development of its ecosystem, Hawex IO is attentive to the needs of users in the market, which allows it to fully meet current requirements and maintain competitiveness.

In addition, such intensive development retains its dynamics due to the optimization of the work of employees who are involved in working on the Hawex IO products. The permanent staff of the company consists of fifty people. They are professionals in their field, but what is much more important in the modern world is that they are really interested in the fact that the distance between the cryptocurrency world and the real world is rapidly decreasing.

To optimize the workload, Hawex IO actively includes outsourcing teams and freelancers. Together with them, the staff reaches almost a hundred people who are actively involved in the development and ensuring the smooth operation of the software. Freelancers connected to work processes are engaged in development for Hawex almost on an ongoing basis since the company pays great attention to its employees and appreciates their contribution to the development of infrastructure.

Hawex IO confidently scales the geographical coverage of its services. Initially, the custodial and Web3 wallet is available for all users, except residents of the UK, USA, Europe, the Russian Federation, Belarus, and countries from the FATF blacklist. Later, the release of the crypto card is expected in Europe, and then in the Persian Gulf.

In conclusion, it is important to add that the smooth and seamless contact of the cryptocurrency world and the fiat world is the primary task of Hawex IO. The company directs great resources in order to synthesize a barrier-free environment for doing business around the world.

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