HBO Max to Launch in May 2020 and Cost $14.99 a Month

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HBO Max to Launch in May 2020 and Cost $14.99 a Month
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According to the recent news, the HBO Max streaming service is expected to debut in 2020 at a price tag of $14.99 per month.

As next year heats up with television streaming becoming one of the key areas of intense competition in the technology and entertainment world, AT&T’s WarnerMedia has indicated that its new streaming service will fall 1 cent below $15 at $14.99 monthly of which it expects users of the service to be more than satisfied with the pricing.

WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey at a corporate event in California on Tuesday indicated the media arm’s willingness to commit to the project to the fullest. “We’re all in”, said he.

In a market that already has heavyweights such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the incoming Peacock and Disney+, it seems that even HBO Max will also have to contend with the aforementioned services who are already offering great content but at a price which is still below the $14.99 price tag.

However, considering the massive library of content that WarnerMedia has and the success of series such as the recently concluded Game of Thrones, the timeless sitcom friends among others, it might just be that the HBO offerings are worth every cent.

Sources indicate that HBO Max intends to start with about 10,000 hours of content which is a bit less than most of the competition in the market place but it is believed that over time the value of the content will be obvious to subscribers of the service.

This, however, doesn’t mean that great things aren’t in the works for the service. Warner Media has already indicated that it will spend about $4 billion over the next three years in bolstering the service.

The organization also expects the incoming revenue from subscriptions, ads, and content to hit $5 Billion within the next five years from the inception of its operations (2025). In terms of content, the Service will also offer 50 HBO originals one year from launch with the likes of “Joker” and other characters from the DC Comics library. Adult comedy cartoon South Park will also be available with 23 seasons coming on the service and the three new ones too twenty-four hours after debuting on comedy central.

HBO also plans to offer an ad-supported version of the service in 2021 and WarnerMedia’s CEO John Stankey is projecting to have 75-90 million subscribers by 2025. Even though such ambitions are great, the rise of faster internet speeds and the presence of heavyweights such as Netflix with its 160 Million customers and others present a challenge that only titans who will stand out in terms of the content may even win. This is because the streaming market suddenly came to light and everyone now wants a piece of the pie that Netflix, Hulu and some of the early starters were cooking before now. This is not a bad thing however as ьedia aggregation and convergence are now a living reality as compared to a decade ago.

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