Healthureum: Blockchain-based Panacea for Healthcare Illnesses

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read

Healthureum is set to revolutionize healthcare industry with the power of blockchain and smart contracts technology, providing multifarious healthcare solutions to consumers and healthcare institutes.

There has been a long-standing need for a new system to standardize and systemize the healthcare industry. Now, using the power of Blockchain technology, Healthureum aims to prove that there is much that can be done to streamline the sector.

There are many problems healthcare faces globally- every person on this planet has dealt with some healthcare in their time, and many will be able to quickly point out places where they were let down. This industry has many facets that are poorly run on an individual level, meaning when these facets are combined, the industry falls even flatter.

These problems cause disparities and a lack of standardization of treatment methods, low quality of care and high cost of procedures. Patient data alone is a big concern as much data is still scribbled in doctor’s handwriting on note pads.  Accessibility to one’s records is difficult, as is acquiring a second-opinion. This leads to data backlog and the associated problems when seeking referrals to specialists.

Long waiting periods, lack of medical infrastructures, excessive costs, difficulties getting healthcare loans, fraud, manipulation of data and all-round lack of trust in the healthcare system are tangible issues, to name a few.

Blockchain is the Solution

This list, which only scrapes the surface, demonstrates there are clear problems which need addressing in the healthcare sector. Anyone aiming to fix these issues has their work cut out, but with the burgeoning technology that is the Blockchain, Healthureum is aiming to solve many of these dilemmas.

The Blockchain brings transparency in data, processing, billings, and even claims. This means across all sectors, there are no hidden fees or changes. Blockchain technology also puts the power in the patient’s hands, rather than a third party, allowing the patient access and control their data.

Making the data available to the patient helps when seeking second opinions, and even applying to specialists, because a patient doesn’t have to wait for hospitals or other practitioners to hand over information. The Blockchain also opens up healthcare to the world, as often the best and brightest can only be found in one country or area.

Essentially, the Blockchain not only holds information in an immutable and transparent ledger, but it can also expand through Healthureum to create a trusted ecosystem, which promotes patient data integrity and accountability.

Need for a Revamp

The healthcare system is a flawed one – its administration systems have been stuck in a time warp. A need for a revamp has been a long time coming. Now, there is a tangible wave of technology that has the makings of revolution.

Healthureum is embarking on an ambitious project, albeit one that has been needed for far too long. It will provide a secure and efficient medium for accessing and paying for services using the Healthureum token (HHEM). The startup is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds necessary to build and develop this ambitious health project. They are inviting the public to participate in what promises to be one of the most significant social projects of our time.

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