NBA Star Michael Jordan Introduces Fan Engagement Platform HEIR

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NBA Star Michael Jordan Introduces Fan Engagement Platform HEIR
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The co-founders envisage HEIR as the principal platform to lead the growth and development of sports-related meta brands.

Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey revealed a blockchain-based fan engagement platform called HEIR thus being the latest celebs to dip their fingers in the crypto world. In its first seed funding round, the platform amassed a total of $10 million. The platform would be built on the rapidly growing Solana blockchain and as per the press release will start operations in 2022. Designed for generation Z and millennial fans, the release confirms that supporters, as well as blockchain enthusiasts, can join the waitlist at present. HEIR will be led by Daniel George, Jeffrey Jordan and Jeron Smith. The co-founders, Smith and George, envisage HEIR as the principal platform to lead the growth and development of sports-related meta brands.

About HEIR by Jordan

Chicago Bulls legend and six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan’s HEIR platform will exploit the Web3 technology’s potential to give fans a never-seen-before engagement experience. It will help professional sports persons connect with their biggest fans and supporters while also helping them get access to exclusive benefits. Additionally, it would also launch an HEIR token, minted on the Solana blockchain while also creating NFT assets and designing a feature to give fans access to the athlete’s huddle.

With this platform, fans will get a chance to buy single-purchase digital assets, have immersive experiences with their preferred athletes while also winning VIP seats alongside them for intimate first-person non-fungible token drops. The release suggested HEIR as a catapult for culture-specific brands engrained in entertainment and tech themes. The NBA legend’s son Jeffrey described HEIR as a custom-made platform driving a new era of athlete enterprise characterized by rich storytelling and deeper fan and consumer engagement. The seed funding round was led by Thrive Capital and saw the participation of firms like Solana Ventures and individuals like Chicago Bulls guard Lonzo Ball, Executive VP for New York Knicks William Wesley and tech entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian.

Increasing Role of Crypto in the Mainstream

HEIR wouldn’t be the first platform designed exclusively for token minting and fan engagement. There are platforms like Rally and Roll that enable artists and sports persons to mint their own token and further build relationships with their fans through attractive perks and perpetuate further growth of themselves and their fans. The rise of NFT marketplaces and fan engagement platforms in 2021 especially in the sports arena points towards the adoption of crypto by the mainstream. Blockchain is an emerging technology and the future of integrated communication systems. Recently there have been multiple developments in the meta world with companies adopting it for collaborations as well the designing of haptic gloves by social media giant Meta.

As part of aligning with the changing digital paradigm, several athletes like Jaylen Clark and Kavyon Thibodeaux have minted their tokens whereas some others like Spencer Dinwiddie have come up with individual apps. The burgeoning NFT space is another area wherein artists are leveraging the crypto world to further their engagement with fans and crypto enthusiasts thus achieving greater success and collaborations in the meta world. Even popular firms like Nike and Adidas have set their foot in the metaverse.

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