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Online Dating Finally Becomes Secure with Hicky

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by Darya Rudz · 3 min read
Online Dating Finally Becomes Secure with Hicky
Photo: Hicky

Meet, the revolutionary blockchain-based dating platform combining experience of leading dating agencies with blockchain technology.

A lot of people today consider themselves lonely. They get stuck in their routine and very often everything they have is their work. To find a way out and meet a person with the same interests, same attitudes and same goals, many use Internet. That’s why today there are a lot of online dating systems, websites, and apps designed to help singles find a partner and even create a family. The choice of diverse dating websites, which has become extremely wide, made it difficult to choose the most reliable one.

On top of that, lonely souls, searching for love interest via such websites, may encounter a number of serious problems.

Firstly, engaging with a person on the other side of the display can not guarantee that he/she is not swindler, which certainly causes some doubts appear. And it takes a long time to know a partner better, as while communicating online everybody tries to show exclusively their best qualities.

Secondly, security problem in legacy dating services is spread. For example, the classical “have some free messages, for the rest you need to pay” approach led to fraud (for example creation of fake accounts) and kept the male users engaged (companies knew that and did it on purpose).

Those and a plenty of other questions arise in people’s minds all the time, and the incapability of today’s dating services of carrying out their tasks flawlessly should be overcome as soon as possible.

To enable fair, secure and democratic dating, a new revolutionary blockchain-based dating platform was introduced. is a service with a perfect system, which is expected to make all the mismatches, fakes, and lags impossible. The main principles of Hicky are fairness, security, and democracy.

Adjusted to the needs of modern society’s dating ecosystem, Hicky solves the issue of the real looks not matching the profile photos by introducing a face-scanning system. It eliminates the possibility of scamming and spamming through its unique biometric verification.

In addition, Hicky’s matching system is refined by AI algorithms based on more than 10-years of experience in the leading dating agencies worldwide. This combined with the unlimited opportunities of the crypto world makes the service unique.

The project’s public token sale event starts on Valentine’s Day, 14. February, while the alpha version of the Hicky Decentralised Application (DApp) will be released by the end of Q1, 2018.

Hicky will launch its DApp for both the iOS and Android platforms. Initially, the DApp will be launched in English to make it available for users in the European market. The focus will be on building a strong brand within Europe before expanding to further countries.

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