Hitachi Creates Internet of Things Focused Big Data Company Vantara

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Hitachi Creates Internet of Things Focused Big Data Company Vantara
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Hitachi announced its reorganization into a new Internet of Things enterprise Hitachi Vantara.

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi is going to combine the capabilities of three detached brands, Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Insight Group, and Pentaho to create new IoT focused company Hitachi Vantara. The company will be based in California, entrusted with Hitachi’s IoT operations to more than 130 world countries and comprise about 7,000 employees, which is almost the third part of the Hitachi’s IT personnel.

With headquarters in Silicon Valley, Hitachi Vantara will be in charge of connecting IT teams from Japan, China, India and Europe for the development of new services and setting up new client offers on global markets. The reorganization allows Vantara to give orders across departments and group companies.
The Hitachi Vantara business was officially introduced at the Hitachi Next 2017 conference, which look place in Las Vegas earlier this week.

Hitachi president and CEO Toshiaki Higashihara explained:

“Hitachi Vantara marks a monumental change for Hitachi as we continue to advance our unified corporate vision of Social Innovation. Hitachi has been helping customers harness the power of their data to support meaningful business action for years.

Now as the world is being transformed by digital tools and processes, we are unifying our strongest digital solutions companies together as a new Hitachi company that delivers exponential business impact for our customers and the betterment of society. The formation of Hitachi Vantara underscores Hitachi’s commitment to collaborative creation with customers and partners, and being a true innovation partner for the era of IoT.”

On the same conference, Hitachi also unveiled the commercial version of its first IoT platform offering Lumada 2.0 targeted at helping customers gain insight, predictions and recommendations from data. The new IoT software also provides advanced analytics enhanced with artificial intelligence functionality at scale.

With the help of artificial intelligence technology and sensors, Hitachi Vantara aims to develop smart city concept by providing products and services for infrastructure, manufacturing and logistics. As, for instance, one application could be analyzing the flow of people in a train station to find ways of avoiding rush-hour congestion and keeping trains on time.

Joe Kadlec, vice president and senior partner at Consiliant Technologies, asserted:

“IoT plays right into the smart city. Smart city is tying security, smart lighting, smart trash cans and more. The city of Las Vegas is kind of a showcase for the rest of the country as to the benefits of the smart city concept.”

Hitachi’s investments in internet of things operations reach the annual amount of $897 million, which goes on acquiring related enterprises, artificial intelligence specialists and other talent.

As it was announced yesterday, on September 20, Hitachi has collaborated with BT, one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, to co-create innovative solutions in the area of industrial and enterprise IoT.

Such collaborations become more and more popular in the IoT industry as it requires many recourses, which can hardly be embraced by one particular enterprise. On that account, Tencent, the Chinese media and technology company, has recently partnered with Intel to develop blockchain technology for TUSU Internet of Things laboratory. A little earlier in September, Oracle Partners with Mitsubishi to Develop IoT Platform for Smart Manufacturing, and few months ago Microsoft and Micron announced their collaboration to help improve IoT Security.

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