Hive Launches New Web Wallet with Litecoin Support

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Hive Launches New Web Wallet with Litecoin Support

Hive, a Bitcoin wallet provider, has launched a new HTML5 web wallet that aims to offer better privacy for altcoin users.

Hive, a geographically distributed startup that provides bitcoin wallets, has officially introduced its new HTML5 web wallet.

The new wallet is launched under Hive Web name, it offers a secure password generation and BIP32 as well as a BIP39 support, which the company says will provide better privacy t its end-users and the backup system will be much easier.

Furthermore, the new web wallet also now operates with a popular cryptocurrency known as litecoin. The company mentions that there will be more updates for the altcoin community.

The post from Hive states:

‘Pleased to announce the launching of the Hive Web Wallet today.’

Moreover, a company representative also specified that the firm plans to provide a dogecoin support in the future. The announcement follows the company’s update to its Android bitcoin wallet in May this year, when a new feature was added such as the ability to host third-party bitcoin applications within the wallet.

Moreover, in addition to support of various currencies, the HD wallet also has a “waggle” feature that provides users with an ability to find local app users with whom they can complete trades of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the team of developers pointed out that despite such features, the app maintains to be simple and user-friendly.

The development team stated:

“All we ask you to do is to keep your passphrase safe. We take care of the rest, and you can always access your coins anywhere, even from other wallets that implement the same specs.”

Since September 2013 the developers have been considering the possibility of litecoin integration, which was the time when Hive was launched for new bitcoin users.

It happened that the news coincided with appearance of Hive at an ongoing digital currency conference, called Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong. The event focuses on the ecosystem’s opportunities and challenges in Asia.

Today, the founder of Hive and Humint CEO Wendell Davis was speaking about his project for a panel discussion under the name ‘Bitcoin vs Altcoins’. Moreover, on 25th June, Mr. Davis is also expected to appear at a startup pitch competition.


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