Here’s How Much You’d Make If You Invested $1,000 in Google 10 Years Ago

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Here’s How Much You’d Make If You Invested $1,000 in Google 10 Years Ago
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In its 21 years of existence, Google (GOOGL) has been able to surge its profits consistently, many times over. The company is now one of the largest in the world and has pulled in more than 600% profits in the last decade.

Even though there might be more than a few worthy contenders, Google (GOOGL) is one of the world’s most popular companies and has been that way for many years. However, If we decide to narrow down the “qualifiers” to just tech or internet companies, then the number of contenders drastically drops, leaving Google somewhere in the first few. The tech giant with its hands in several cookie jars is also one of the world’s most successful companies.

Google is currently into software and hardware production, online advertising, online search engine (easily the most popular), cloud computing and many more. Its Android operating system, initially released 11 years ago on Sept. 23, 2008, is the most popular mobile operating system and currently accounts for more than 75% of the mobile market, with Apple’s iOS trailing far behind it, at just a little over 20%. All of Google’s achievements began quite lowly many years ago and has become what it is today, in 21 years.

Google had its initial public offering (IPO) more than 15 years ago, on the 19th of August, 2004. At the time, the company sold over 19.6 million shares at $85 each. The IPO was quite successful as before it closed, shares had crossed $100, an increase of more than 18.05%. The company successfully raised about $1.7 billion which gave Google a market cap greater than $23 billion.

Ten years ago in 2009, GOOGL opened on Jan 2, at $154.45, hit a high of $161.07, a $152.90 low and then eventually closed at $160.82. By the last trading day of the year, Dec. 30, stocks opened at $309.56 and closed at $311.68, with highs and lows of $311.68 and $309.31 respectively. Exactly a year ago, Oct. 10 was a weekend, when markets are expected to be closed. By Oct 12 2009, markets opened with GOOGL at $262.

Today, the stock’s last close was at $1,202, a mouth-watering 670% increase. So, if at the time, a trader decided to invest $1,000 at that share price, 10 years later today, it would have more than tripled to almost $6,700, according to Coinspeaker calculations. We have also calculated that this is a much bigger jump in a decade than the S&P 500’s 174% and Nasdaq’s 269% in the same period.

For a long time as well, shares of the “Big Five” internet companies, of which GOOGL is among, have been the trailblazers in the stock market. Recently, many have suggested that these stocks – popularly referred to as FAANG to represent Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google’s parent Alphabet – have been underperforming in 2019. However, our recent calculations have also shown that regardless of all the macroeconomic and political factors strong enough to cause some instability, FAANG stocks saw a $629 billion increase this year alone.

Google was founded in September of 1998 and just a year later, the company had already pulled in $220,000 in its total 1999 annual revenue. Five years after inception, Google had brought in almost $1 billion by 2003. The company’s most lucrative business arm is its Advertising service, which is now responsible for at least 80% of the company’s total annual revenue.

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