HTC’s New Blockchain-powered Smartphone will Support Litecoin, Charlie Lee Joins the Team as an Advisor

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HTC’s New Blockchain-powered Smartphone will Support Litecoin, Charlie Lee Joins the Team as an Advisor
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Litecoin co-founder, Charlie Lee will become an advisor to HTC Exodus, the native blockchain smartphone supporting LTC and Lightning Network designed to be launched in autumn.

As it has been announced by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, HTC’s new blockchain-compatible smartphone Exodus will support Litecoin. Moreover, that’s not all about the news that has come from Charlie Lee. According to the information revealed, he is joining the HTC Exodus development team as an advisor.

As was previously reported by Coinspeaker, HTC revealed its plans to build a native blockchain smartphone named Exodus in May. At that time, it was known that Exodus would probably support underlying protocols including Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and some other major networks.

And now Lee has confirmed that the Exodus will support the Lightning Network on Litecoin natively and added that Bitcoin will be supported as well. The company claims that Exodus will promote cryptographic trading between owners of its devices.

The company describes its smartphone as the “world’s first native blockchain phone”. Exodus will offer its users such features as a universal native wallet and a built-in secure hardware with an added support for cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. A little bit later, it was said that the phone would support the mobile app CryptoKitties.

HTC Exodus is viewed as a mobile connecting point to the world of decentralized networks and a storage device. It can be really useful for those who need to have a simple access to their cryptos. It is planned that the device will be available for sale in autumn. What is more, it is said that consumers will have an opportunity to pay for this new phone in cryptos.

The HTC team highlighted that their experience of 2 decades in the smartphone business and deep knowledge of the market would help them to take a responsibility of transforming the internet and making decentralization a reality.

The official company’s website created for its HTC Exodus reads:

“Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security.”

As for Charlie Lee, he met with the HTC Exodus team last week. He expressed his excitement about the fact that the device will support LTC and Lightning Network on Litecoin natively. He took a decision to become an advisor for the project and emphasized that such a device that facilitates Lightning Network transactions could secure mass adoption of the technology.

Let us also remind that HTC is not the only phone company that wants to enter the blockchain space. Not so long ago, Sirin Labs announced its $1,000 blockchain-powered phone. The company even raised $157 million in the ICO to build its phone called Finney.

Nevertheless, some experts have doubts whether these phones will survive in the conditions of severe competition in the smartphone market after the hype around them calms down.

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