Huawei Cloud Launches Metaverse and Web3 Initiative to Foster Blockchain Adoption in Asian Region

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Huawei Cloud Launches Metaverse and Web3 Initiative to Foster Blockchain Adoption in Asian Region
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Huawei Cloud partnered with Polygon, Deepbrain Chain, and others to bring its metaverse-inspired agenda to fruition. 

Huawei Cloud recently launched the Metaverse and Web3 Alliance to further the adoption of decentralized technology in East Asia. The cloud arm of the Chinese multinational tech corporation partnered with several blockchain players to bring this initiative to fruition. These partners include BlockChain Solutions, Deepbrain Chain, Morpheus Labs, and Polygon, with many more expected down the line.

The latest Huawei Cloud metaverse initiative also reflects other blockchain-centric projects ongoing in the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, this initiative also came amid developments regarding the AI computing platform Deepbrain Chain.

Huawei Cloud Tech & Metaverse Agenda

As a globally-renowned tech company, Huawei seeks to facilitate government and enterprise functionality worldwide. The Shenzhen-based firm deploys cloud-native, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data to governments and businesses in over 29 countries. In addition, Huawei’s projected global digital transformation also serves around 7 million, monthly active end customers.

Huawei’s recent invite-only CLOUD Asia-Pacific Partner Leadership Summit in Bali, Indonesia, evidenced the company’s commitment to the emerging metaverse. The event, between February 22nd and 24th, saw participation from several partners and major customers in the Asia-Pacific region. For instance, partners included China Telecom, China Mobile, as well as China Unicom.

The 2023 Huawei Cloud Metaverse & Web & Web3 Alliance poses a lot of benefits within the Asia-Pacific region. These benefits include transforming the region into a blockchain hub and fostering a community of users and participants. In addition, Huawei seeks to promote closer cooperation and increased support for the members of the alliance.

Among the list of Huawei Cloud alliance members are the popular names valued by the cloud, including Polygon, and Web3 AI project, Deepbrain Chain.

Deepbrain Chain

Deepbrain Chain is a blockchain-enabled AI computing platform intent on becoming “the cloud computing platform of the AI community.” As the world’s first AI computing platform, Deepbrain Chain has been silently developing for several years. At the moment, the platform seems well-established on its growth roadmap.

Many newcomers might need to grasp Deepbrain Chain fully, but the same cannot be said of Polygon. The popular network is well-known, and its native MATIC token is just as popular.

The Deepbrain Chain high-performance computing power network launched at the end of 2018 and has improved the computing power network since then. In addition to promoting commercialization, this tech also experienced wide usage in numerous scenarios. These include AI, blockchain, cloud gaming, biopharmaceuticals, visual rendering, semiconductor simulation, and GPU simulators.

Since the launch of its mainnet, the Deepbrain project has landed in several nations, including South Korea, the US, and Vietnam. As a result, the technology is one of the few blockchain projects birthed in China that enjoys successful internationalization. Deepbrain Chain official and founder He Yong commented on the proliferation of his initiative, saying:

“We can see that Deepbrain Chain has established communities in many countries, especially South Korea and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Communities in countries such as India are particularly active, and extensive cooperation with many governments and enterprises has been ongoing.”

Despite its milestones, Deepbrain also admitted that it still strives hard to churn out innovative technology.

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