Huobi Global Launches CandyDrop to Give Traders a Chance to Win Free Token Airdrops

Place/Date: London, UK - March 15th, 2022 at 3:00 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Huobi

Huobi Global Launches CandyDrop to Give Traders a Chance to Win Free Token Airdrops
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Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, today announced the launch of CandyDrop, a new program that rewards users with a chance to win free token airdrops. Huobi Global is rolling out the program to incentivize active traders and broaden their exposure to a wider range of assets.

To be eligible for CandyDrop events, users will need to have at least 100 USDT in average daily spot trading volume for the three days preceding event registration. Once registered, users will be entered into a lucky draw for a chance to win an equal share of the total token airdrop prize pool.

Du Jun, Co-Founder of Huobi, said:

“As we continue growing the Huobi ecosystem with new listings and partners, we’re always looking for ways to better engage and reward our users. CandyDrop will create new profit opportunities for users while driving brand loyalty, benefiting both users and projects. We’re committed to building a vast digital asset ecosystem that’s inclusive and accessible to users all over the world.”

Huobi’s previous events have proven popular among a vast number of investors, providing them with access to exciting new projects. The new CandyDrop program will enable users to win airdrops to newly listed tokens without requiring them to hold such tokens in advance.

The tokens allocated to prize pools will vary by campaign. Some of the lucky users will be able to obtain more than one type of token during an event. CandyDrop events will be held up to five times a week, giving users plenty of opportunities to participate in the free token airdrops.

1st Huobi CandyDrop

The first Huobi CandyDrop event will open on March 14, 2022 with Scream (SCREAM)  and SpookySwap (BOO). Participants will be able to enter for a chance to claim part of the Scream and Boo prize pool.

Scream is a lending protocol that provides peer-to-peer lending solutions that are fully decentralized, transparent and non-custodial. SpookySwap is an automated market-making decentralized exchange for the Fantom Opera network.

  • Registration period: 17:00 Mar 14, 2022 – 17:00 Mar 17, 2022 (UTC+8)
  • Event link

As a bonus, users can click “Up chances” to take a quiz and increase their chances by up to 30% (max bonus). The total prize pool will be equally distributed to all of the winners.

The draw will start immediately after the registration period ends and the draw results will be announced within the following hour. A total of 12,000 users will be able to win the free token airdrops.

For more information on CandyDrop event rules, click here.

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