Hyperledger Announces ‘Iroha’ Project Developed by Blockchain Company Soramitsu

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Hyperledger Announces ‘Iroha’ Project Developed by Blockchain Company Soramitsu
Blockchain Company Soramitsu announces 'Iroha,' a proposal to the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project. Photo: Soramitsu Co., Ltd.

Iroha will allow even more developers to create projects and applications based on the distributed ledger technology.

Hyperledger has just announced its new distributed ledger project, Iroha, in the blog post. The project is to provide a development environment where C++, web, and mobile application developers will be able to contribute to the Hyperledger Project.

Iroha project was initially inspired by the Fabric architecture. Its creator is Soramitsu, a blockchain technology company based in Japan. The company works on the development of digital identity platform for blockchains to make the world where everyone can easily interact with each other using blockchain technology possible.

Soramitsu is also doing collaborative research with The University of Tokyo, The University of Aizu, and Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM, below) of International University of Japan.

Iroha will focus on the creation of reusable components in C++ that can be called from languages such as Go to complement Fabric, Sawtooth Lake, and other potential projects. Iroha will serve as an addition to the existing projects. Hyperledger team sets the creation of a robust library of reusable components as the final goal of the project.

The basic goals of Iroha are:

  1. Provide an environment for C++ developers to contribute to Hyperledger
  2. Provide infrastructure for mobile and web application support
  3. Provide a framework to experiment with new APIs and consensus algorithms that could potentially be incorporated into Fabric in the future.

Iroha project is rather easy to be incorporated into infrastructural projects requiring distributed ledger technology. It features:

  1. Simple construction
  2. Modern, domain-driven C++ design
  3. Emphasis on mobile application development
  4. New, chain-based Byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm, called Sumeragi

“Iroha allows even more developers to interact with Hyperledger to build infrastructural projects and applications requiring distributed ledger technology,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger. “It is encouraging to see member companies actively contributing to a diverse and sustainable open source blockchain ecosystem built on cooperation.”

Hyperledger unveils in its post that the design and architecture of Iroha is greatly inspired by Fabric, in that blockchain and chaincode services form the overall architecture. Iroha is the project rather similar to Fabric and doesn’t compete with it.

The Hyperledger team explains that the idea of Iroha creation came as they felt the lack of infrastructure projects written in C++, which limited the potential developers who can contribute. Besides, both user interaction and mobile applications can have a positive impact on the promotion of distributed ledger technology. Iroha aims to rectify both of these points, bringing in more developers while providing libraries for mobile user interface development.

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