Cardano IDO Launchpad ‘Coollaunch’ Launches on the Cardano Ecosystem

January 11th, 2022 at 9:54 am UTC · 2 min read

Cardano IDO Launchpad 'Coollaunch' Launches on the Cardano Ecosystem

Coollaunch team is pleased to announce its launch on the Cardano EcoSystem. Funding the project and securing running funds is one of the hardest barriers users face as entrepreneurs, which Coollaunch aims to simplify. IDO Launchpad is a logical evolution of the crypto fundraising process that supports next generation ideas, NFT, Metaverse projects in a fair & Decentralized manner utilizing the Cardano Ecosystem. with its two-round mechanism ensures every tier level gets allocated. has built ties with influencers and marketing partners, resulting in a consistent stream of well-funded crypto projects.

Multi-Chain Support ensuring that Metaverse, NFT and gaming projects are able to raise capital regardless of the Blockchain.


The architecture is similar to that of IEO. The fundamental distinction is that both the entrepreneur and the users use a decentralized third-party platform. is keen to collaborate with startup incubators and accelerator centers with its partner and community network. offers a decentralized IDO LaunchPad. The amount of $COOL in a user’s wallet determines their IDO allocation weight.

Protocol users must be involved in voting on protocol governance concepts. The Governance contract allows users to propose and vote on protocol enhancements.

Seed Sale Details

Seed sale Goes Live from 11th January 2022 at 6PM GMT

Seed Sale Allocation: 70,000,000 COOL Tokens

Seed Sale Close Date: 11th February 2022 or until Token Allocation is Expended

Price: 1 ADA = 666 COOL

SeedSale link

About is a decentralized fundraising platform and startup accelerator built on Cardano, it fully supports Cardano native tokens, NFT, Metaverse projects and provides DeFi features required by new applications.

CoolLaunch socials: Twitter, Telegram, MediumInstagram.