IEO Paypolitan Starts on Bitforex on February, 18

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IEO Paypolitan Starts on Bitforex on February, 18
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The Paypolitan IEO will allow Bitforex users to join Paypolitan staking and yield farming programs.

Bitforex, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, will host the IEO of Paypolitan from February 18th to March 3rd, 2021 listing its EPAN token. Paypolitan is an innovative payment system, combining traditional cash payments and DeFi functionality.

The Paypolitan platform is using blockchain technology, smart contracts and open banking APIs to provide both individuals and businesses with a next-gen payment solution. It is set up by the user as easily as Apple Pay.

  • It is the first system that processes cash payments using blockchain technologies, which ensures high transaction speed and security.
  • The use of open banking APIs allows Paypolitan to get rid of the need for debit and credit cards. Thus, it becomes similar in operation (from the user’s perspective) to ApplePay, but uses real bank accounts.
  • Blockchain technologies also reduce the cost of transactions. Therefore, the merchant fee in Paypolitan is only 2.5%, which is significantly lower than the 7.5% charged by PayPal, for instance.
  • Paypolitan offers peer-to-peer credit services as well. The platform’s users will be able to get credits almost instantly and on sensible terms.

The Paypolitan team, among them the Oracle start-up 1st prize winner, has not only a lot of experience in blockchain and payment processing but also has 14 years of experience working together, so it works like a well-oiled machine. The Paypolitan mobile app will be released in 3 weeks, and the team secured, according to industry sources, an investment by a media group of a multiple million dollar deal. Therefore, it is not surprising that Paypolitan’s EPAN token, currently listed on Uniswap, shows impressive performance with an +92% in the last 7 days.

The Paypolitan IEO on Bitforex starting on February 18th and lasting until March 3rd will allow Bitforex users to join Paypolitan staking and yield farming programs and get the most profitable interest rate. However, it will be a good idea to jump in as soon as possible – Paypolitan plans to raise a minimum of USD 400 000 and as soon as the maximum value will be reached, the subscription will no longer be possible. So if you’re late – you’ll miss the opportunity to get the best interest rate.

In addition, new trading pairs will appear on Bitforex EPAN/USDT, EPAN/ETH and later EPAN/BTC, so the exchange users will get a new promising asset to trade.

Listing on BitForex will provide numerous additional benefits for the Paypolitan platform and EPAN token holders.

  • First, Bitforex can boast of a daily trading volume of more than 829 million dollars and has more than 160,000 users a day, so EPAN tokens visibility will greatly increase.
  • Second, EPAN/USDT trading pair will greatly decrease EPAN tokens’ volatility and make the asset price much more stable and predictable.
  • Third, EPAN tokens will become much more accessible for investors from Asia, which is one of the priority regions for the Paypolitan platform.
  • Fourth, more professional and institutional investors will become interested in EPAN tokens, which will make further expansion easier and facilitate growth even more.

Thus, the IEO of Paypolitan on Bitforex is not only providing the exchange users with a new opportunity to earn income, but also facilitates the development and adoption of one of the most innovative payment platforms in the world that has a very real opportunity to change both crypto and cash worlds forever.

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