IMMO: a Corner of the Mystery’s Veil is Lifted

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
IMMO: a Corner of the Mystery’s Veil is Lifted
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There are a lot of rumors around IMMO as its creation was kept in secret, nevertheless, now some details of the project are already known.

While practically every week some young ambitious startups are entering the crypto space trying to make their entrance as loud as possible, the IMMO Foundation preferred a variant of staying in the shadow without making too much noise.

Nevertheless, after a long period of silence, its creation has appeared in the center of attention of media and numerous crypto experts. At the time when no information on the project was revealed, there were some talks that the Rothschild banker’s dynasty was staying behind it. But as it was later claimed by Gabriel Brack, IMMO Evangelist, this information is nothing more than rumors and the Rothschilds do not have anything in common with IMMO.

“I can say unequivocally that the involvement of the Rothschild family in the creation of IMMO is purely speculative. We do not want the community to disseminate information that is known to be false. Speculations about the project are completely out of control, it’s time to put all the rumors to rest,” stated Brack.

What Is Known about IMMO?

Until the current moment, IMMO hasn’t made any official statements. This full absence of information leads to different rumors. Nevertheless, even in the context of a so-called closed door policy, there are some already known facts about this mysterious project.

IMMO is positioned as a global reserve cryptocurrency that is supported by a decentralized portfolio of resources that have a fundamental and universally recognized value.

In other words, the value of this token is intrinsic and undeniable due to the fact that it is ensured by the value of the fundamental assets that include land, real estate, technology, and water resources. It is obvious that even in the future these assets won’t lose their value as the demand for them is only increasing.

It is said that the management of assets will be conducted in the frameworks of the legal structure in a trust legal form. Such a form will guarantee the highest level of token holders’ rights protection and safety of the assets.

IMMO Community

 As it has become known, IMMO has an inside community of cryptocurrency experts and evangelists. The community is called the IMMO High1000 (the above-mentioned Gabriel Brack is one of its members) and it was built following the DAO model principles.

The members of the High1000 community promote the ideas of the project all over the world and support its work. They have already organized a number of closed meetings with major institutional and private investors.

They also have the right to voice their opinion on the potential updates and changes in IMMO and can speak on behalf of the investors. Moreover, they receive some bonuses for their participation in the life of IMMO.

IMMO and Crypto World

Even such bright personalities in the crypto world as Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin, Dash CEO Ryan Taylor, First President of Foundation Lon Wong, and CEO of Draper VC Tim Draper have paid attention to the mysterious IMMO project at different times.

There were also some talks that IMMO became a topic for discussion at G20 Summit in Buenos Aires. And recently, it has been widely discussed that IMMO could be guilty of the recent Tether attack.

Though there are not many details disclosed, it is clear that the main target audience of the project is large private investors but everyone still has an opportunity to become a part of IMMO and to join its High1000 community.

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