Inside Bitcoins Conference Is Now Heading to Paris on November 20-21

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Inside Bitcoins Conference Is Now Heading to Paris on November 20-21
Inside Bitcoins is headed to Paris! Keynote speakers include Nicolas Cary and Bernard Lietaer. Photo: Tom Bricker/Flickr

The two-days Inside Bitcoin Conference will take place in Paris starting from November 20 and will feature prominent members of the bitcoin commnuity.

The Inside Bitcoin Conference will be held in Paris within November 20- November 21 after its debut in London in September. The leading international conference is aimed at exploring the business opportunities and risks posed by the growth of digital currencies. CEO Nicolas Cary will open the event that will cover the most debated issues in the bitcoin community. The main topics will include bitcoin regulation, investing, trading, security, adoption as well as the future of altcoins.

EuroBitcoin was expected to be the first bitcoin conference ever organized in French, but was postponed to the beginning of 2015.

Almost all of The Inside Bitcoin sessions will be held in French, while the remaining part will be in English language. The organizer of the event, Rising Media, stated:

“The conference will be held at the CAP15 space near the Eiffel Tower, and Inside Bitcoin will feature speakers and attendees from over 15 countries for what will be the largest conference to date in Europe. Twenty sessions led by more than 30 Bitcoin visionaries and followed by nearly 400 enthusiasts will set a new standard for conferences on this subject in France.”

However, the bitcoin activity is the highest in France among all the European countries.

The Inside Bitcoin will feature Virtual Empire CEO Bryan Cooley, co-founder and CTO of Seedcoin Hakim Mamoni, Juan Llanos, EVP of Strategic Partnerships & Chief Transparency Officer at and others.

The conference agenda:

Day 1

International Review: Bitcoin Stories from Across the Globe
Using Bitcoin to Achieve Real Crowdfunding
Moving towards a Bitcoin Society
Industrial Mining: Powered Warehouse Shell vs. Hosted Cloud Offerings
Decentralized Technologies: Lifeboats for Society
Bitcoin and Anti-Money Laundering Regulation: Strategies for Successful Compliance and Government Relations
The Bitcoin Startup Ecosystem
Bitcoin Casinos: The Final Frontier in Online Gaming
Bitcoin Scripts and Multisignature Transactions
Sound Wallet: How to Create a Cold Storage Wallet Out of Sound
Jetcoin and Sports: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven

Day 2

Bernard Lietaer, Research Fellow, Center for Sustainable Resources of the University of California at Berkeley, Advisor to Jetcoin Institute
Colored Coins in Practice
Bitcoin Ecosystem Investing: Do’s and Dont’s
Bitcoin Regulation Update: Issues and Challenges
The Future of Altcoins
Crypto Trading and Options
Bitcoin Security and Freedom
The Future of Crypto-Exchanges

The conference attendees will be welcomed at the ‘House of the Bitcoin’, located at 35 Rue du Caire, 75002 in Paris. The visitors will be able to purchase bitcoin at the Lamassu ATMs and meet its residents, who are experts in the digital currency. ‘House of the Bitcoin’ is open Monday through Friday from 9AM – 7PM.

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