Insider Protocol Is Going to Start Working with Institutional Funds

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Insider Protocol Is Going to Start Working with Institutional Funds
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While the Insider Protocol is built for a diverse class of users, the platform has created its tested Option X algorithm that is best suited for institutional clients.

Innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is still in its infancy and any innovation such as that from the Insider Protocol is quick to be spotted and celebrated. The Insider Protocol is a relatively new multi-faceted blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem that is building by the Mechanics of the Future team.

With a profound emphasis on privacy, the Mechanics of the Future Team created the Insider Protocol as well as its accompanying products and services to model a high level of anonymity, such as is aimed at combating the dominance of the Monero (XMR) and Dash networks respectively.

Of the flagship products emanating from the Insider Protocol is the Automated Trading Bot algorithms that help users make intelligent automated trading decisions to help return ample profits back to the users. The trading bots also have infused in them a great level of anonymity and they currently support the BTC/USDT trading pair. While users can take advantage of this active trading pair, the team is determined to roll out support for additional trading pairs to support other altcoins including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Monero (XMR) in the not too distant future.

The Insider Protocol is trailing the blaze in the very nascent niche of automated bitcoin trading bot and with determination to take its services mainstream, the team behind the project is committed to constant platform development

Insider Protocol’s HFT Trading Algorithm: The Real Game Changer

The earlier noted auto trading bots works with the High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm, a highly scalable algorithm that is implemented using the layering technique. Article on Bloomberg explained in detail how the HTF Layering method works. HFTs are not uncommon in the world of finance as they are highly used by big financial institutions. While these big corporates utilize this layering technique in their trading, they tend to tag it illegal amongst retail traders. With the ingenuity of the Mechanics of the Future Team, however, algorithms to counter the Financial institution’s HFT trading bots have been developed.

While trading using the layering technique, a trader can place as many trades and at varying prices as possible which can also be canceled at will. Using the HFT algorithm, the user can place many different orders for assets traded on an exchange without the plans to purchase the asset. These multiple orders created alerts other users who can thus place higher bids on the assets. The bot utilizes this algorithm to maximize returns taking note of the price differences in the buy orders.

The entire Insider Protocol ecosystem is still under development and with the plans to utilize the scalable and highly secured Mimblewimble (MW) Protocol, the platform is set to be positioned to process high throughput and fast transactions in a bid to rival existing blockchain protocols. A highlight of the Mimblewimble Protocol was described by Cointelegraph to utilize the technology of confidential transactions, encrypting all inputs and outputs, as well as their public and private keys. This enables the senders and recipients of transactions to be thoroughly masked and away from prying authorities

Embrace of Institutional Clients and Funding

While the Insider Protocol is built for a diverse class of users, the platform has created its tested Option X algorithm that is best suited for institutional clients. The company’s propulsion of custom made offerings is positioning it aright to begin trading with the inflow of institutional funds.

In this video below you can see the Trading Statement of the Option X algorithm which was mainly built for Institutional Traders.

Despite there being existing platforms offering similar services as the Insider Protocol’s, the creativity and futuristic approach of the Mechanics of the Future Team is set to position the platform at the top of the food chain in no time.

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