Dfinity’s Internet Computer to Release 10,000 Free NFTs

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Dfinity’s Internet Computer to Release 10,000 Free NFTs

Amid the solid rage with CryptoPunk NFTs, Internet Computer will release 10,000 free ICPunk NFTs as part of the debut drop.

On Wednesday, September 1, Dfinity’s Internet Computer announced that it will release 10,000 free non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This comes as part of its debut drop wherein users can claim it for free.

Przemek and Tomasz Chojecki, alongside Adam Stępnik, are the brains behind the conceptualization of these NFTs. The creators build the digital avatars with some 1990s hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse.

Also, this comes just at a time when CryptoPunks has raged the NFT market recently. The NFTs representing pixelated digital avatars have been selling for millions of dollars in the market. Recently, financial giant Visa also purchased a CryptoPunk NFT for a staggering $150,000.

Following these exclusive early releases, only 3000 punks will be available for users to claim. At the time of its release, each user can claim only one punk. Project co-founder Przemek shared his expectations about the project. Speaking to CoinTelegraph, he said:

“We’re incredibly excited for the launch of ICPunks on the Internet Computer. The NFT space is moving at such a rapid pace — it is amazing to be part of it. We have a lot of plans for ICPunks, including an NFT Marketplace, this is the first step towards that.”

About Internet Computer

Cryptocurrency token Internet Computer (ICP) has gained solid prominence in the market in recent times. The ICP platform is popular for allowing users to build websites, applications, and digital services.

Leveraging the Internet Computer (ICP) protocol, users have already built alternatives to social media networks like Medium, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Besides, it has also built community-driven websites in competition to Reddit.

The ICPunk drop has stirred a major interest in the market among crypto players. Since the NFT website going live, it has attracted nearly 90K visitors to the platform.

Speaking about the recent Dfinity partnership, Tomasz said:

“We have been following Dfinity’s work since 2017. We believe the Internet Computer is the best solution for NFTs. One of the benefits of the Internet Computer is that all information is stored on-chain. There is no need to use IPFS or dedicated web servers to host images. It’s truly a decentralized NFT solution.”

As said the NFT market has seen exponential growth this year. The NFT transaction volumes have surged to multiple billion dollars.

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