Introducing B2Trader’s Newest Upgrade: 100 Pairs with 100×100 Order Book

Place/Date: - October 14th, 2022 at 1:20 pm UTC · 2 min read
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Introducing B2Trader’s Newest Upgrade: 100 Pairs with 100×100 Order Book
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Meet the newest significant upgrade for B2Trader. B2Broker presents a new version of its swift matching engine for cryptocurrency exchanges, market makers, and spot and MTF brokers. This update extends the number of supported pairs to 100 while preserving the very same order book depth of 100×100! It will enable traders to place larger orders while also providing a more effective trading experience. B2Broker’s dedication to delivering top-quality service to its clients is strengthened by this upgrade. We are extremely grateful for your loyalty and support!

Better Matching Engine, More Pairs

Introducing B2Trader's Newest Upgrade: 100 Pairs with 100x100 Order Book

We are glad to share that B2Trader now offers one hundred pairings of trading instruments with a market depth of 100×100. B2Trader formerly offered 61 trading pairs with the same order book depth. The new version substantially increases the engine’s efficiency, giving customers a wider selection of trading instruments and gives more possibilities to generate revenue.

The market depth shows the number of orders available at each price level when viewing an order book for a particular trading asset. A market depth of 100/100 indicates that the order book currently displays the top 100 sellers and buyers. Now it will allow buyers to fulfill larger orders with more confidence, as they will be sure that there is always adequate market liquidity.

The following are some methods for adding new instruments to your exchange:

  1. Log in to the admin panel and import the applicable markets from B2Trader to your cabinet.
  2. Or fill out the checklist and add all the instruments you want to see on your platform. Following that, the B2Trader staff will put your exchange into maintenance and install the selected instruments in a timely manner.

Introducing B2Trader's Newest Upgrade: 100 Pairs with 100x100 Order Book


We at B2Broker never stop striving to enhance our goods and services. This most recent upgrade is an important step toward our aim of delivering the most effective and user-friendly experience possible. We believe this new upgrade will enhance the trading experience for all of our clients and contribute to B2Trader becoming the go-to platform for all of your trading requirements. Don’t wait any longer; start using it now! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions. We would be delighted to hear from you. And stay tuned for further updates and developments in the near future!

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