Introducing Viuly: Online Video Advertising Offers Swift Blockchain Solution

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Introducing Viuly: Online Video Advertising Offers Swift Blockchain Solution
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Video sharing platforms have been tussling with some rather significant challenges as of late – YouTube, for instance, was struck by the demonetisation phenomenon known as the ‘Ad-pocalypse’.

The aforementioned crisis is hitting content creators across the board with an AI algorithm and human click-farms that scan content and make them non-ad friendly and therefore demonetize.

It came after the most highly subscribed channel on the platform accrued a devastatingly heavy hit after the Wall Street Journal ran stories on some of the channels most controversial videos, which caused the partnership company Maker Studios, owned by Disney, to drop advertising content.

In panic, advertisers pulled ad content from channels far and wide, forcing YouTubers to adopt new means of making money, seeking external sponsors, crowdfunding and doing Twitch streams, or even abandoning the YouTube platform.

It’s become apparent that currently making a living or any capital from the biggest video sharing platform is a risky business for content creators and advertisers alike. With alternatives popping up, how many really offer what the users need?

The Viuly Solution

Take Viuly, for instance, a blockchain-based video sharing platform, which revolutionary model comes at a much needed time.

The platform runs on it’s native currency – VIU tokens, which are the fuel behind the platform keeping a constant transfer of value between advertisers, contents creators and it’s users.

So much so in fact, that VIU token is presently ranked number one ahead of the top 50 tokens by transaction count on the Ethereum blockchain and on December 18th, 2017, Viuly was connected it’s blockchain video platform to the Ethereum Mainnet. After a massively successful airdrop campaign which enriched the wallets of roughly 900k unique Ethereum users with their freely distributed 458 million tokens, Viuly is clocking over 12,000 unique daily visitors and has 70,000 registered users on record.

Viuly welcomes advertisers offering them the options to pre-roll video and banner advertisements on the platform using the VIU token. The token, which is currently trading at $0.03 according to the CoinMarketCap, is expected to disrupt the multi-billion dollar online video industry by creating a fair, open and unrestricted video network of equitable revenue sharing; users and creators are rewarded for their video engagements as well as interactions.

New advertisers are offered various bonuses depending on the amount of tokens spent on advertising packages, For example, recently all the users benefited a generous 3-tier referral programme as an incentivised way to encourage network growth and adoption of the platform. Users can earn VIU tokens through their referrals, the bonuses of which break down into these tiers:

1st Level: 50 VIU, 2nd Level: 30 VIU, 3rd Level: 20 VIU

Additionally, users are also able to earn a percentage of all referral earnings on the platform:

1st Level: 5%, 2nd Level: 3%, 3rd Level: 2%

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