Internet of People (IoP) Launches Mercury Protocol Prototype, Begins Trading on CoinBene

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read

Welcome Internet of People project working to return meaning to the word “private” while promoting real privacy and transparency in the new decentralized internet.

The internet has been playing a fundamental part in people’s lives for decades, although rapid changes and breakthroughs in the industry have come at a great cost. In today’s saturated online development sector, things have started to break apart.

Companies harvest increasingly more data and, although they don’t need it, they choose to store it with the purpose to sell it to the highest bidder. Furthermore, powerful governments are forcing companies to reveal their users’ private information, thus breaching the very meaning of the word “private”.

Existing centralized models are used to pretending that they’re transparent. Underneath, they’re limited and pose many challenges to everyday users who either adapt or are left behind. The Internet of People — shortly known as the IoP — aims to break barriers with a digital cooperative and crypto movement that connects people directly through DApps and services meant to truly preserve the user’s data privacy.

IoP focuses on decentralization done right. The project takes the best parts of conventional cooperative, corporate and community structures, and combines them into a fully decentralized yet efficient way. As an international entity, IoP collaborates and communicates online, which makes it a decentralized digital cooperative.

Beyond Crypto with Decentralization Done Right

When cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin went mainstream, the initial aim was to streamline both financial and non-financial operations, and remove third parties that received outstanding processing fees, such as services like Western Union.

The whole meaning of raising funds for one’s startup changed when ICOs boomed, although Ponzi schemes and hacks managed to damage the intrinsic value of digital tokens. To improve the scenario and make the most of decentralization, IoP jumps on a mission to “disrupt decentralization” with its crypto movement of offering genuine DApps and services that truly provide transparency, security and trust to the people.

The IoP enables users to connect without fearing they’ll lose control of their private data. The project aims to promote decentralization the right way, by promoting its real values — privacy and transparency — with its very own digital coin, IOP. Designed to act as an incentive to the IoP community, IOP distributes block rewards equally, at the same time reducing the need to consume excessive mining power.

At the core of the IoP project lies its two main components: the Mercury protocol (for developing DApps) and the IoP Blockchain (for payments). Setting up and running a node is available for anyone, the easiest way being via IoP’s pre-configured Titania box from Libertaria. All participating nodes can communicate with other nodes via the network’s peer-to-peer system, thus directly exchanging all data supported by the protocol, such as user profiles, pictures, messages and more.

For users, Mercury bypasses unnecessary third parties and middlemen, putting the user in control of its rightful data. Currently under development, using the protocol for DApps will be as easy as using conventional apps like Apple’s App Store or Microsoft’s Google Play.

The CoinBene Global Exchange Opens Trading for IoP

Global cryptocurrency exchange CoinBene announced earlier this month that IoP trading is now available on its platform. With an overall capitalization of market assets of nearly $2.8 million, there will be a total supply of 21 million IOP units made available.

By having IOP listed on CoinBene, IoP is seeking to boost its market share, at the same time provide better transparency to the people via its truly decentralized and censorship-resistant, node-based environment.

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