Islamic Blockchain Bank Hada DBank Partners with Expertise Specialists Vostad

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Islamic Blockchain Bank Hada DBank Partners with Expertise Specialists Vostad
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With this new partnership, Hada DBank and Vostad aim to bring the agenda of a dynamic blockchain era into mainstream IT and public consciousness.

Just a week after launching its public token sale, Islamic, blockchain-based Hada DBank announced a another prominent partnership, and now its Vostad Global, an initiative aimed at bringing together the world’s best experts across various business verticals. This latest collaboration sees its founder and director, Zahid Rashid Mir, join an illustrious list of names on the Hada DBank advisory board, focusing his skills and expertise in events management and investor relations.

Mir commented that Vostad’s values truly aligned with that of Hada DBank, and noted the distinct potential of Hada DBank’s dynamic business module. He believed that the project’s development team has displayed high levels of determination to realize its ambitions of a global project, and fully backed this effort with Vostad’s support:

“Vostad and Hada DBank will work hand in hand to ensure quality innovative products and services be made available to public.”

Interim CEO and chairman of Hada DBank, M Hisyam Mokhtar, expressed great delight in welcoming Mir and Vostad to its already significant advisory board and partners. He placed high hopes in using their guidance, along with that of existing partners, to take Hada DBank’s mission to fruition:

“Having them both joining our experienced and prominent advisors and partners will expedite the process to introduce HADA DBank and our products to the mainstream market especially in the Middle East where they have extensive experience in dealing and insight of the market, as well as convincing future investors to participate in our project.”

A Seasoned Advisor With a Solid Track Record

Mir is the chairman and managing director of Vostad Global, where he oversees investor services for the firm and works on building new collaborations across the globe. He is known as a dynamic business leader with more than ten years of experience in international management. To date, he has helped to facilitate more than half a billion dollars in business deals via development, management and training of teams.

In Vostad, he leads a formidable team of facilitators whose expertise is in initiating and closing deals. Together, they help companies raise capital, secure sales, explore emerging markets, engage new partners and provide training and knowledge sharing with employees.

Vostad was established in Bangalore and has already helped bring deals worth more than a billion dollars to the table. It has helped connect more than 50,000 executives internationally through more than 200 proprietary business platforms. It has pioneered the reputable Blockchain Summits for Islamic Banking and Finance throughout the globe.

The Hada DBank Token Sale

After a successful pre-sale, Hada DBank is now in the midst of a public sale aiming to raise a soft cap target of 5,000 ETH and a maximum limit of 30,000 ETH.

The general public sale begins with a pricing of 1 ETH = 3,000 HADA Coins for the first 1 million tokens, after which normal pricing will be in effect at 1 ETH = 1,500 HADACoins. Contributors must make a minimum of 0.15 ETH per transaction.

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