Meet World’s First Islamic Decentralized Bank – Hada DBank. TGE Live

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Meet World’s First Islamic Decentralized Bank – Hada DBank. TGE Live
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Amid Islamic explicit prohibition on commitment to money, Muslims around the world have concerns when it comes to banking. Decentralized Hada DBank comes to work out blockchain-based compromise.

There is a very limited number of Islamic compliant banks in the world, which means that most of the Muslims are either forced to use conventional banking systems, or try their best to avoid it in the first place.

Hada DBank is a Malaysian startup digital bank that is following the code of Shariah, making it completely in line with the ideology of Islam.

This alone makes Hada DBank stand out from traditional banks of the region, but, to be more accurate, let’s say there are two main distinguishing features.

First of all, its decentralized character. Unlike majority of today’s banks, HadaDBank uses blockchain technology at its core, and all operations are based on the decentralization concept. This gives the bank such advantages as extremely fast transactions around the world, low fees (virtually just the transaction fee), robust security, and being available online 24/7.

Then, of course, comes Shariah Compliance. This enables hundreds of thousands of Muslims, who shy away from traditional banking, use banking services. Although designed for Muslims, people of other faiths can also benefit from its free services.

The decentralized bank offers a multitude of services to its users, including free e-wallets and accounts, Shariah compliant loans, Artificial intelligence based financial advisory and others. Bank’s fee policy is also kind of friendly one, as its clients may benefit from zero withdrawal fee, absence of transaction fee on withdrawal from their Hada Exchange, and major fiat to crypto exchanges free of cost.

The serious commitment of the team to its project has drawn the attention of big players in the financial and blockchain world, including (but not limited to) fintech expert David Drake, who stepped in as an advisor, and DE Asset Management – a world renowned investment firm pledging $500,000.

HADA Token Sale

The decentralized bank is based on blockchain and as such, has its internal token – the HADA, which will be the main money for transactions to be conducted within the ecosystem. The token has already seen a successful pre-sale and the main TGE also started on 1st May, 2018. The event sees 50,000,000 HADA Coins up for grabs. Investors can claim the first 1000,000 coins for 1 ETH = 3000 HADA. Afterwards the exchange rate will double, leading to 1500 HADA = 1 ETH. A minimum of 0.15 ETH must be invested to take part in the token generation event.

The tokens are available on the F1 Cryptos digital exchange, a professional exchange that has the expertise of handling token management. The Hada DBank team has taken a different step than other TGEs by using their partner exchange for distribution. This gives the Hada team more time to focus on the development of their platform, especially their MVP, which is slated to be released very soon.

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