218 Million JST Tokens Will Be Airdropped to TRX Holders This Week

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218 Million JST Tokens Will Be Airdropped to TRX Holders This Week
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To receive a portion of the JST rewards in the framework of a 30-month-long JUST airdrop, TRON users need to have a minimum of 100 TRX.

The first tranche of a 30-month-long JUST airdrop will commence on May 20th, when almost 218 million JST will be given away. TRON users with a minimum of 100 TRX will be eligible to receive a portion of the airdropped rewards, which are designed to grow the fledgling JUST community and raise awareness of its stablecoin issuance network.

The snapshot for the first wave of the airdrop will occur at 00:00 UTC on May 20th, and the first 217,800,000 JST will be sent to eligible addresses on the same day. A number of exchanges and wallets have committed their support to the airdrop campaign, ensuring that users of these custodial services don’t miss out. Leading the charge is Poloniex, the exchange whose close ties with TRON are well documented, and where JST launched on May 5 in a token generation event that lasted less than five minutes.

JST Just Keeps Climbing

JST will serve as the governance token of the JUST network, allowing its holders to have a say in matters pertaining to things such as fee parameters and price oracles. In the meantime, it’s been earning its holders a yield by dint of having grown in price by 30% in under a week. The JUST Portal is where participants can manage their collateralized debt positions (CDP) and get a taster for decentralized finance. Loans can be issued, with borrowers paying interest in the form of JST.

Following the initial airdrop of May 20th, a subsequent event will occur on June 20th, this time taking place over the course of 11 months, as JST tokens are drip-fed into the crypto community that is likely to cherish them the most. Poloniex, Bitpie, and MXC are the best-known exchanges that have pledged to support the JST airdrop campaign on an ongoing basis, although other exchanges are expected to announce their participation in the near future.

JUST Funded by Major Investors

Although closely affiliated with TRON, JUST operates as a separate foundation. The decentralized lending network has attracted investment from leading investors including figures associated with Alibaba and Tencent. The incarnation of defi that springs up on the TRON network is likely to look very different from Ethereum’s. TRON’s focus on scalability and low fees should make it better suited to transmitting stablecoins for use cases that include remittance, micropayments, and lending. Airdropping JST to TRON’s active user base will be a vital step in realizing that goal.

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