KEYS Metaverse to Disrupt Virtual Luxury Real-Estate with Launch of Meta Mansions on March 18, 2022

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KEYS Metaverse to Disrupt Virtual Luxury Real-Estate with Launch of Meta Mansions on March 18, 2022
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KEYS Token is a blockchain-powered startup that facilitates real-estate and luxury-asset transactions, transforming how assets are transacted and traded in the metaverse and the physical world.

The KEYS Token is officially launching the ambitious project KEYS Metaverse on March 18, 2022. Dubbed as the future-defining metaverse real estate project, KEYS Metaverse will go for a first-round whitelist mint of its Meta Mansions NFTs. These Meta Mansion NFTs are premium digital mansion offerings designed by Genius Ventures Inc.

Each of 8,888 luxury mansions is built on the Ethereum blockchain in the Web3 universe, ushering in a new age in real estate, business, sociability, interaction, trade, and entertainment.

To construct their Meta Mansions website Hello Monday, an award-winning creative firm widely acknowledged as one of the top designers of high-end interactive digital (and magical) storytelling, was selected by KEYS. The website has been active since Friday, February 18, 2022.

To commemorate the occasion, KEYS has announced the biggest giveaway in the NFT space to date, with 888 Ethereum to be given as rewards, which will be awarded 18 days after the Meta Mansions collection sells out. One person will receive 800 ETH, while 11 others will receive 8 ETH apiece. The winners will be chosen at random during the live broadcast.

What Are Meta Mansions?

Meta Mansions is a premium collection of 8,888 luxury houses developed on the Ethereum blockchain—the KEYS Metaverse’s core residence and genesis NFT collection. Each Meta Mansion will begin with an airdropped piece of land before evolving into a fully interactive, customizable, and liveable environment in high-fidelity VR/AR/3D space.

Key Highlights of the Project

The KEYS Metaverse has eight distinct biomes, exclusive skins, texture packs, and much more. Users will monetize their homes while gaining exclusive access, advantages, and discounts to the KEYS Metaverse.

KEYS Marketplace

The Marketplace allows users to buy and sell (trade) KEYS Metaverse assets such as Meta Mansions, land plots, vehicles, avatars, furniture, art, and much more.

KEYS Social Content Engine

Like AAA games build highlight reels of its users’ best moments, KEYS’ content engine will generate user-branded, data-driven video clips that can be exported and shared on social media.


The KEYS Metaverse will be the most advanced metaverse avatar builder in history by merging UE Metahumans and customization. Users can personalise their Metahuman avatar, mint it as an NFT, and modify movements as well as animations.

Scalability Solution and Graphics

To deliver best-in-class graphics, engineering, and scalability solutions to the KEYS Metaverse, the KEYS hand-picked its Meta Mansions team from the leading AAA gaming studios and Hollywood. The digital platform is powered by Unreal Engine 5, the most advanced and powerful game engine currently in the market.

The Team Speaks

Meta Mansions Logo

“Digital real-estate market is thriving and we are delighted to have the opportunity to set a new benchmark and redefine the notion of real-estate valuation in the metaverse,” says Nima Ghassemi, CEO of KEYS Token. Ghassemi’s extensive real-estate expertise includes hotel management, mansion construction, and the creation of the @Houses network, which is part of the largest real estate network on Instagram owned by KEYS Token and has 15 million followers.

“We envision making the finest quality products and the most immersive user experience this space has ever seen.” March 18, 2022, will be regarded as the pivotal day when we took the most significant leap of faith and forever transformed real estate. People need to explore the new world in real-estate trading and valuation, and Meta Mansions is perfectly poised to dominate this new virtual economy for decades to come,” Ghassemi says.

“KEYS Meta Mansions is more than simply an NFT – it’s the future of real estate in which the boundaries of our physical world do not limit users,” explains Noah Kent, Chief Product Officer of KEYS Token. Noah adds, “By democratizing access and scaling participation in the real-estate business, we want to unleash creativity and economic potential that would not be possible in our physical world due to entry restrictions.”

It’s the best feature of real-life transformed and revitalized without physical constraints. Live anywhere, be anyone, and create anything your imagination can conjure up. Create a mansion, and you will become a legend.”

Strong Community Support

“Before Meta Mansions, KEYS Token doled out a collection of 118 KEYCard V1 NFTS which sold out in 32 seconds. The collection is currently being traded on OpenSea with a floor price of 18 Ethereum (as of Friday, March 11th, 2022). The highest sale to date has been for KEYCard #065, which was sold for 18.5 Ethereum, showcasing the belief and trust that the KEYS community has in its projects such as Meta Mansions. KEYS token fuels the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem. On March 10th, 2022 at 8pm PST, it would become available on Binance Smart Chain-based crypto DEX PacakeSwap in association with pTokens—a technology to connect any token with any blockchain.”

About Keys Token

KEYS Token is a blockchain-powered startup that facilitates real-estate and luxury-asset transactions, transforming how assets are transacted and traded in the metaverse and the physical world. Their extensive product roadmap incorporates cutting-edge technological features, such as web3 and augmented reality, to converge the physical and digital domains in what will undoubtedly be the next generation of real estate, the internet, and social networks among much more.

Integration with PancakeSwap

To improve performance and efficiency, resulting in cheaper gas fees and faster transaction times, KEYS collaborated with pTokens. The KEYS Token will go live on PancakeSwap on March 10th at 8pm PST.” PancakeSwap is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)compatible blockchain designed to support smart contracts. Pancakeswap has the greatest number of users of any decentralised platform ever.

Strategic Partnerships

KEYS’ current strategic partners include Navjeet Chhina, CEO of Genius Ventures and Head of Metaverse Development for KEYS Token, and Ramtin Ray Nosrati, founder of Huntington. Estate Houses, a well-known developer of mega-mansions, has built over 100 luxury properties for the ultra-rich; Kobi Karp of Miami, consultant and designer for Meta Mansions, and architect for celebrities such as Juwan Howard, Veliz Arquitectos lead 3D designer of Meta Mansions. Furthermore, NBA All-Star Andre Drummond, and  The Nightfall Group, a bespoke concierge for global travel.

Keys Metaverse also partnered with Blockwiz, a global crypto marketing agency that provides integrated cryptocurrency marketing solutions across crypto influencers, PR, SEO, and social media; in an effort to strengthen online communities and meet their business objectives.

Head over to the official website of the KEYS to find out more about the Meta Mansions. For new updates and Airdrops, you can follow them on Twitter.

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