Kind Ads to Create the Future of Online Advertising Through the Blockchain

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Kind Ads to Create the Future of Online Advertising Through the Blockchain
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Modern day online advertising requires content producers and advertisers to entrust their revenue streams to middlemen that have an incentive to pay producers as little as possible while milking advertisers for every penny possible.

They do this by utilizing user information to create profiles vital for successful advertising, though there that is their single greatest weakness. If the end-user is able to actively participate and obtain compensation for their information, then it is possible for advertisers and content producers to cut out the middlemen.

The question is how; the answer is the blockchain as implemented through the Kind Ads network. With many prominent advisors like Neil Patel – Kind Ads is seeking to make the advertising industry more effective to advertisers, profitable to publisher and just as importantly less irritating to the users.

Eliminating the Middleman

Today, advertising networks treat user information as industry secrets, doing everything in their power to minimize access to content producers and advertisers. The result is a near-total monopoly on demographic and interest information vital for effective targeted advertising.

Kind Ads eliminates informational asymmetry by making the entire process entirely open for all involved, especially the end-users. Each user receives a free token when they opt-in to the platform, to which they provide whatever data they feel comfortable sharing. The more complete the information, the more the token is worth.

Advertisers and content producers can see these tokens and use them to determine which advertisements will work best and the most apt channel to use to share the targeted marketing material.

All of this occurs outside of a traditional marketing platform, enabling advertisers, producers, and end-users to set the terms of engagement and allow the protocol to handle all the details without any of the traditional markup industry juggernauts charge.

Improving Value for All Concerned

Every piece of data has value, both to the end-user who supplies it and the content producers and advertisers who use for targeted advertising. By providing complete profiles, the end-users are rewarded with a small part of the value generated in the marketing campaign.

Thus, everyone wins through both the more open exchange of information and in providing a reliable means of guaranteeing that end users simply do not employ advertisement avoidant technologies like adblockers.

This is the crux of the platform – by making advertisements more targeted and appropriate for the content producers site they increase the likelihood that the campaign will result in an elevated return on investment.

It is the bottom line that matters in business, and by lowering the overall cost while maximizing user interest Kind Ads stands to completely revolutionize the online advertising industry. All thanks to the utilization of the blockchain and a simple plugin that users can control with a simple click of the mouse.

Advisors like Neil Patel who founded KISSMetrics, QuickSprout and CrazyEgg, and having helped juggernauts such as Amazon, GM, and Viacom maximize their revenue growth by getting the most out of their advertising dollar will support the vision of Kind Ads.

Kind Ads was founded with the simple mission of creating the first genuine online advertising marketplace of the 21st century. With $20MM in funding and a super potent team, Kind Ads hopes to put reclaim the power from the advertising middlemen and put it in the hands of content producers, advertisers, and end-users.

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