Meet Pantos: The World’s First Multi-Blockchain Tokben System

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Europe’s leading retail broker for digital currencies Bitpanda started Pantos, an open-source research project, which brings all major blockchain platforms closer together, setting new standards for decentralized cross-chain token transfers.

Europe’s leading retail broker for digital currencies Bitpanda together with scientists from the Technical University of Vienna, the Academy of Sciences, and Research Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics (RIAT) has started an open-source research project named Pantos.

The Pantos Project will deliver the TAST (Token Atomic Swap Tech) and release the developed work as an open source technology. Pantos is financed by a Token generation event capped at 1500 BTC to ensure the development of open-source technology that should enable a complete tokenized ecosystem within the platform.

After advent of Bitcoin, many digital currencies based on the blockchain technology have been launched, each with their own specifications and protocols, which brought quite an acute fragmentation. Pantos aims to solve this blockchain fragmentation problem creating an open-source system, which will bring blockchains closer together and provide one of the core technologies in a tokenized world in the future.

Founding members of the industry heavyweight company Bitpanda are digital currency veterans. Looking back to the beginning of Bitcoin in 2013, it was difficult to buy digital currencies in Europe, which led them to their visionary idea to create and launch Bitpanda, which has grown to become Europe’s leading retail broker for digital currencies, currently offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, using a fully integrated in-house development team, to bring wallet solutions for all assets.

A Future with Multiple Blockchain Networks all Rolled Into One

Various networks are not only competing for investment, resources, and market shares, but also seeking a wide array of knowledge as well. This is where Pantos begins its journey, with the use of their new technology and the blockchain’s native token, dubbed “PAN Token,” designed for facilitation of valuable transfers of tokens across several completely separate blockchains.

Pantos has an open-source approach that enables sustainable collaborations between completely diverse and separate blockchain projects, and provides common technical standards so that cross-blockchain parameters can be set.

The Blockchain Integration and Real-time Arbitrage

Pantos will be initially launched on the Ethereum network, and the accessibility of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Lisk, Komodo and Waves – all first blockchain-generation support- is expected to follow soon enough.

Real time arbitrage will enable trading in an increased volumes across all decentralized marketplaces, thus is expected to increase demand for PAN tokens. Traders will benefit from being able to exploit the resulting price differences between pairs of cryptocurrencies.

The Domination Index

Pantos is a flexible portable function that allow the PAN token to form a common denominator and introduce a new unit designed for the crypto ecosystem. The Blockchain Domination Index displays the token utilities and distribution among all supported blockchains in real time.

With the native PAN token the platform will help users measure the benefits and features of every blockchain on the basis of genuine usage.

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