Klangaverse Is the Next Big Thing Set to Outmatch the Impacts of SAND and GALA and Make Investors Rich

August 31st, 2022 at 3:56 pm UTC · 4 min read

The many record labels and musical platforms worldwide today have done little to give musicians sufficient control of their music. Numerous musicians have had clashes with record labels, leaving them unsatisfied and unhappy.

Even without the problem of power, there is the problem of the much lower revenue percentage they receive at the end of the day. These problems spurred the creation of a decentralized platform like klangaverse.

Klangaverse Is the Next Big Thing Set to Outmatch the Impacts of SAND and GALA and Make Investors Rich

Klangaverse is a blockchain built as a music-sharing platform for musicians, fans, and professionals. The merits of this platform are that it gives artists much-needed control over their music and provides an alternatively open and fair protocol for payment.

Its native token, KLG, is used to purchase NFTs in the form of music produced by artists on the platform. This means that fans and artists will no longer have to worry about intermediaries but can now connect and interact directly on the klangsverse platform.

When $KLG is used in the process of minting the artist’s music, they earn profits upon every transaction. This system ensures that they make their money directly without any third party taking a large chunk of it, leaving them with less. Users also now have a “MUSIC KLUB” platform to share their thoughts and have music-related discussions every week

How Klangaverse Stands with Popular Play-to-earn (P2E) Platforms Like SAND and GALA

SAND is an ethereum-based token utilized by holders in the sandbox ecosystem to engage in interactions within the ecosystem. The sandbox is one of the world’s top-rated play-to-earn blockchains, allowing players to earn rewards in tokens while having fun.

SAND tokens are used to purchase Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are used in gaming as well as other items within the game; it also gives holders governing power which means they can vote to determine the direction of the platform.

GALA is another ERC-20 token that operates similarly on the Gala games blockchain.  Like SAND tokens, GALA can also be used to purchase NFTs and other unique items within the game. Token holders who want to stop playing may sell their assets for other prominent cryptocurrencies in the coin market.

Klangaverse Is the Next Big Thing Set to Outmatch the Impacts of SAND and GALA and Make Investors Rich

Klangaverse matches this with its custom KLANGASPEL play-to-earn music game which allows users to earn $KLG in a very entertaining way. To play, users select instruments and lessons purchased using $KLG tokens.

Instruments such as “Kama” Drums, “Kordoba” Classical Guitars, “Kamaha” Pianos, “karshall” amplifiers, microphones, and other KLANGASPEL-specific instruments are added to the player’s instrument room which can be upgraded to take the player to a higher level.

Players decide what genre they want to go with and begin with musical lessons, which have different stages until they become superstars and begin to go on tours and have shown as solo artists or bands.

The stars get a percentage of the assets from ticket sales and are rewarded with points as they play or sing in rhythm and progress in the game.

Because klangaverse is supported by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), $KLG holders have access to the infrastructure offered on the klangaverse ecosystem at a very speedy rate. Users are also assured of the blockchain’s security and efficiency as a result of the smart-contract feature of BSC.

As for its governance, klangaverse maintains a community-governed protocol that allows users to control the platform and build it into the best platform in the coin market with their innovative ideas.

Musicians, fans, and professionals now have a unique network to connect with without unfair third parties or music-sharing platforms through the klangaverse ecosystem. Furthermore, by being a holder of one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies ever- $KLG, anyone can now also have a fun gaming experience while earning so much money. Is there a better investment?

For more information about Klangaverse visit: Website, Presale, Twitter, Telegram.

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