KnCMiner Publicly Apologizes as Broken Bitcoin Mining ASICs ‘Super Jupiters’ Arrive

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KnCMiner Publicly Apologizes as Broken Bitcoin Mining ASICs ‘Super Jupiters’ Arrive
KnCMiner has started shipping a 3 TH/s Bitcoin mining box, the largest single Bitcoin ASIC miner in existence at the moment. However, none of these KnCMiner 'Super Jupiters' arrived at their destinations in one piece. Photo: Imgur

Buyers of digital currency mining hardware developer KnCMiner’s ‘Super Jupiters’ are reporting serious problems with shipments.

A number of complaints were raised by buyers of digital currency mining hardware developer KnCMiner. There have been reported serious problems with shipments of  the company’s modified Jupiter mining product to its customers.

In the beginning the company offered customers who didn’t want to wait for the Neptune mining product to replace it with  modified ‘Super Jupiter.’

Dissatisfied customers went straight to the company’s forum to show their complaints and share their frustrations with those who are “in the same boat”.

Some of them were saying what appeared to be broken or constructed in a wrong way, including fans and heat sinks. Other people said that some of the received ASICs were not working at all.

Following the dissatisfaction from its customers , the company has publicly apologized for discomfort and announced that it will issue replacement cards to them.

The company posted in its blog on 28th April: “So last week we really messed up. We sent out products to our customers which arrived broken, damaged and quite frankly unusable.”

Moreover, the company outlined the future actions such as an order for new cards and introduction of the video to help buyers in fixing their Jupiter products.

KnCMiner said: “We will simply assume that every card was damaged in shipment even if it arrived undamaged. We will send out to every customer who had a 3TH Jupiter or several already arrive, enough cards to replace their entire collection.”

Problematic Products

KnCMiner said the problem lies in low-quality shipping practices during transit. According to the company, shipping may have caused damage and worsen the problems with the design.

Many forum users started sharing the photos of their Jupiter broken parts, commenting that ASIC boards are nearly destroyed by the improperly attached coolers.

Forum members argued that the interior hard foam inside the ASIC case was malfunctioned, something was wrong with clamping.

One user posted pictures of his jupiter rig. The photos show that the thermal paste applied to the ASIC heat sinks didn’t hold all the parts.

Nevertheless, KnCMiner is not the only mining product manufacturer that has experienced issues with products.

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