Koii Releases Finnie Wallet NFT Browser Extension Beta 

July 16th, 2021 at 7:45 am UTC · 2 min read

Koii, the blockchain media platform built on Arweave permanent storage, announced today it has released the first NFT wallet that allows users to permanently store and earn crypto from their NFTs as a browser extension. The “Finnie Wallet” revolutionizes the way users collect and create NFTs.

The Koii.network test-net is thriving, with pre-registrations for the browser extension surpassing 500 within the first week of its release. The wallet uses the Koii “Atomic NFT” standard, meaning each NFT tokenizes the specific media file with a fraction of a percent of the electrical and environmental footprint of other NFT smart contracts. The extension will revolutionize how NFTs are stored, valued, and accessed, allowing users to:

  1. Create by drag-and-dropping any digital file to turn it into an Atomic NFT;
  2. Own permanent, unstoppable access to their content through the Arweave permaweb; and
  3. Earn KOII tokens every time they are viewed using the novel Proofs-of-Real-Traffic verification system (PoRT).

You can register NFTs in less than a minute for less than a penny, click here to install the extension now.

Creators rarely can rely on existing storage for digital content. Censorship, plagiarism, arbitrary policy changes and faulty access to media storage has plagued both centralized and decentralized media.

Creating, storing and sharing NFTs doesn’t have to be wasteful or expensive. Koii solves these issues by storing web content permanently through the Atomic NFT standard, returning control to creators. Atomic NFTs store the transaction ID and media files together in a single place, ensuring cross-compatibility via blockchain bridges. Atomic NFTs registered on the Koii Network benefit from other perks as well, such as attention rewards or protection in a copyright registry that can alert users when they may be viewing a copy, then help them find the original.

Koii is continuing to expand operations and launch the token publicly in early fall. To claim a spot on the Investor Whitelist, fill out this form and the team will be in touch.

Al Morris, Koii Founder, on the Finnie Wallet:

“Finnie and the Atomic NFT standard make it possible to own your online life without all the complexity. The NFT space is full of controversy and hype, but it has ignited the peer-to-peer revolution.”

For more information about Koii please follow Koii on Twitter. You can also join the conversation in Koii’s official Discord and Telegram community channels.



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