Korean Pop Stars connect with Fans Using Blockchain Virtual Gifts

Place/Date: - August 16th, 2018 at 3:40 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source: Gifto

Last weekend Gifto participated in KCON LA 2018, the largest KPOP event in the world! Over 95,000 people lined up to see Korea’s top artists perform their hits live. Not only were fans able to see their favorite idols perform, but they also received once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to interact with them through “hi-touches” (high-fives from artists) and exclusive meet and greets.

This year Uplive, Gifto’s livestreaming app, took the experience to another level with KPOP stars like Amber Liu and Justin Park doing intimate pre-performance streams and receiving blockchain-based virtual gifts!

During her Uplive debut, Amber had more than 55k live viewers, with fans flooding her broadcast with Gifto virtual gifts as a show of love and support. Of the experience, Justin Park remarked excitedly:

“This is the future. I can connect with all my fans with a push of a button.”

Both Amber and fellow K-pop star Justin Park will have regular appearances on Uplive, becoming the first in a long line of celebrities to join Gifto’s social entertainment platform, with former WWE Champion Matt Morgan also joining Uplive US,  Gifto’s social entertainment ecosystem continues to grow towards its vision of mass adoption.

Gifto recently announced hitting 500,000 transactions across its social entertainment ecosystem, many of them coming from Gifto gifts sent from livestreaming audiences to Uplive streamers and content creators. With the likes of Amber Liu and Justin Park now getting behind Gifto, this number is sure to skyrocket.

Gifto is leading the pack in making blockchain technology fun and accessible to a mainstream audience, combining grass-roots engagement with content creators such as their work in KCON, with their Gifto blockchain wallet technology.

Celebrities like Amber Liu went from being unfamiliar with blockchain technology and crypto-gifts to receiving thousands from fans in Uplive in 30 minutes – an example of how crypto can go mainstream faster than what crypto-skeptics like to suggest.