STEROID Announces the Launch of a Fully Automatic Trading Algorithm

Place/Date: - August 16th, 2018 at 3:32 pm UTC · 2 min read

And it is logical to assume that this is not just a matter of fact. If more and more transactions are opened by the bots, then it brings profit. It’s not a secret that the era of algorithmic trading has already come and as you will see in this article not only in the classical financial world.

We want to introduce you the STEROID service.

It is already functioning and up to now the main functionality has been to provide traders more opportunities for trading, which are not available on the crypto exchanges. This significantly reduces time you spend on trading and at the same time increases earnings with the help of some special functions.

However, now you can trust the service to earn money for you. Even without your participation.

Trading algorithm will be available for using to all customers without exception until the end of the month. The testing has been going on for more than 11 months and now everything is ready for work. The algorithm is self-learning and knows how to behave in different market situations. Its main point is an increase your BTC amount.

Thus, if you are trading in pairs to the USD or USDT, then it is unlikely that you will be interested. In the falling market, the algorithm earns from 5 to 10% per month to BTC. In the growing market, profits are many times greater.

Stability is the most important thing in the trading algorithm. It’s better to earn less but constantly, than to try to earn much at once with the risks of losing all investments. Such a strategy is always beneficial for the long distance. This is the main principle that the developers adhered to, while creating the algorithm. Stability in any period of the market.

The service is safe, you can find out more details on the site.

Registration is available at: When you register, you are given free trial period for 14 days and no billing information is required. So far there is no information about the exact launch date and price of the fully automated algorithm, so subscribe to the company’s Twitter or Facebook.